SJCAM SJ8 Series Comparison – 4K, EIS, 60fps and more in the new SJCAM range

The SJCAM brand is close to launching a new series of action cameras. The new series (called SJCAM SJ8) will include 3 models: the SJ8 Pro, the SJ8 Plus, and the SJ8 Air. Each will have their respective differences, just to mention some, the Pro and Plus will have EIS with 4K resolution and, therefore, exceed the specifications of the current SJ7 Star. For its part, the SJ8 Air will be a cheaper camera with basic specifications, which does not even match the recently released SJ6 Legend specifications.

As there are many options today, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which one to buy, which is why here we will give you a brief review of the current SJCAM cameras and other competitors in the same field, so that as a consumer you can know which the ideal option for your needs is.

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Comparison between the models of the SJCAM SJ8 Series

Chipset & Performance

Let’s start talking about the power of the cameras, as this will be responsible for making everything flow as it should be when using them.

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro includes the new Ambarella H22 processor inside. Thanks to it you can get a stable 60fps in 4K resolutions. In any case, it is curious that they did not decide to implement the latest Ambarella H2 chip, but the results are still of quality.

For the SJCAM SJ8 Plus, they decided to use a different brand, the Novatek 96683, which enables EIS in 4K resolution. If you are a camera expert, you will have noticed that this is the fundamental difference with the SJ7 Star, since the latter implements the Ambarella A12 chip.


To finish in the Hardware section, the SJCAM SJ8 Air also uses a Novatek chipset, the Novatek 96658, which is lower than the one used in the SJ8 Plus and the one used in SJ6 Legend, a strategy that definitely positions it more in an entry range.


This will be a share feature that will highlight the entire SJCAM SJ8 Series. The touchscreen on the back is 2.33 inches on all SJ8 models, which places them in a larger size than those of the Yi 4K+ (2.19″) and the GoPro Hero6 (2″).


However, both the SJ8 Pro and the Plus include a small front panel of 0.96″ that will serve to see the current configuration of the camera.


Another similar feature among all the SJCAM SJ8 Series is the battery. It is removable and has a capacity of 1200mAh. At this point, the cameras are in a neutral zone with respect to others, such as the SJ7 Star that has 1000mAh capacity or the YI 4K + of 1400mAh.


Image sensor

Once we are sure that the hardware can do the designated task, it is important to have the right sensors to get the most out of it.

As for the SJCAM SJ8 Pro, it has the Sony IMX377 sensor of 12MP (1 / 2.3″ CMOS). We are facing one of the best possible sensors, which is implemented in such popular cameras as the YI 4K + and the YI 4K.

The SJCAM SJ8 Plus uses a Sony IMX117 sensor of 12MP. Again, it is a sensor known for giving great results with the SJ7 Star, the Firefly 8S, and the GoPro Hero4.


Finally, the SJCAM SJ8 Air implements a different brand sensor, the Panasonic MN34112PA of 14MP. A peculiarity present is we are dealing with the same sensor used in the SJ6 Air. This sensor benefits the higher resolution photos but is not capable of capturing 4K resolution videos.

Frame rates

The SJ8 Pro has the most options. It can record at 4K at 60fps. As for recording at 1080p (Full HD), the camera can reach up to 120fps. To finish, the most standard option nowadays of 720p (HD) is handled without problems with up to 240fps.


As for the SJ8 Plus, it is very similar to the SJ8 Pro, where its most remarkable difference is that the maximum frame rate when recording at 4K is 30fps.

The SJ8 Air is a more modest camera, which as previously mentioned has no compatibility to record in 4K, and in terms of lower resolutions manages to reach 30fps in both 1080p and 720p.

Other features

Let’s talk about the resolution of the photos. It may seem that the obvious winners in this category would be the SJ8 Pro and Plus, but the reality is that of the new SJCAM SJ8 Series, the one that best takes pictures is the SJ8 Air. This is because its resolution is related to the MP of the sensor, and while the first 2 have a 12MP sensor, the SJ8 Air has a 14MP sensor.


In terms of image stabilization, a very important feature when recording videos, both the SJ8 Pro and the SJ8 Plus offer EIS for 4K resolutions. However, in the case of the SJ8 Pro will be limited to recording at 60fps. Although we must say that this represents an improvement over the SJ7 Star that could only use it at 1080p at 30 fps.

The recording format, in general, is mp4; now, one of the novelties that implement both the SJ8 Pro and the SJ8 Plus is the new codec .h265. All other cameras work with codec .h264.

Connectivity and ports

Unlike the mini USB port used by the SJ7 Star and the SJ6 Legend, the entire new SJCAM SJ8 Series implements a Type C USB port. It supports video output and microphone input, but no further details have been specified.


Also, both the SJ8 series and the SJ7 and SJ6 have a tray for microSD cards with up to 128GB of storage. Note that if you are looking to record to 4K, you will require a U3 type card.

Regarding the wireless level, all the cameras previously mentioned in this section have a Bluetooth connection, which allows them to be controlled by a Smartphone or some other device designed for it.


This is a very important point for the company, and that is that all the cameras of the new SJ8 series will come with two available options. The first is the so-called “Small Box“, which only includes the camera, the recharge cable, and the instruction manual.


The second option is the most complete, the so-called “Full Box“, which brings a complete set of accessories for the use of the camera. These are a waterproof case, a quick-release buckle, a base for mounting, a curved adhesive mount, a flat adhesive assembly, 3M adhesive tape, a universal support for a 1/4” tripod, its corresponding adapter for the tripod, a cleaning cloth and Type C USB cable. Obviously, this latest version has a slightly higher price, but it is good to note that thanks to the waterproof case, the camera can reach up to 30 meters underwater.

Specification Sheet – Comparison

To finish, let’s compare the new SJCAM SJ8 Series with other similar cameras in a more visual and ordered way by the following table.

ModelSJ8 ProSJ8 PlusSJ8 AirSJ7 StarSJ6 Legend
StorageMicroSD up to 128GBMicroSD up to 128GBMicroSD up to 128GBMicroSD up to 128GBMicroSD up to 128GB
ChipAmbarella H22 ProcessorNovatek 96683 ProcessorNovatek 96658 ProcessorAmbarella A12 ProcessorNovatek 96660 Processor
Display2,33? Touchdisplay
0,96" Frontdisplay
2,33? Touchdisplay
0,96" Frontdisplay
2,33? Touchdisplay2? Touchdisplay2? Touchdisplay
1" Frontdisplay
Sensor12 MP Sony
IMX377 sensor
12 MP Sony
IMX177 sensor
14 MP Panasonic MN34112PA sensor12 MP Sony
IMX117 sensor
16 MP Panasonic
MN34120PA sensor
CameraLens: 170° FOV
Aperture: f/2.8
Lens: 170° FOV
Aperture: f/2.8
Lens: 160° FOV
Aperture: f/2.6
Lens: 166°
Aperture: f/2.8
Lens: 166° FOV
Aperture: f/2.8
Record resolutions/fps*native 4K - max. 60fps
*2K - max. 60 fps
*1080p - max. 120fps
*720p - max. 240fps

*native 4K - max. 30fps
*2K - max. 60 fps
*1080p - max. 120fps
*720p - max. 240fps
*2K - max. 30 fps
*1080p - max. 30fps
*720p - max. 30fps
*native 4K - max. 30fps
*2K - max. 60 fps
*1080p - max. 120fps
*720p - max. 200fps
*interpolated 4K - max. 24fps
*2K - max. 30 fps
*1080p - max. 60fps
*720p - max. 120fps
Image Stabilizationyes
up to 4K 30fps
up to 4K 30fps
up to 1080p 30fps
up to 1080p 60fps
up to 1080p 60fps
Formatmp4 / .h264 & .h265mp4 / .h264 & .h265mp4 / .h264mp4 / .h264mp4 / .mov
Battery1200mAh1200mAh1200mAh1050mAh1050 mAh
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB-CWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB-CWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB-CWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Remote Control, mini USBWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Remote Control, mini USB

Price & Availability

Next, we will offer you all the corresponding purchase links for the SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus, SJ8 Air, SJ7 Star and SJ6 Legend cameras. Remember that the price may vary depending on the store you choose, in addition to its availability.

SJ8 Pro

SJ8 Plus

SJ8 Air

SJ7 Star

SJ6 Legend


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