SJCAM SJ8 Pro Review: The Best Sports Camera of Company Yet

Action cameras are made to capture action activities/ sports. They can be mounted either on the sports equipment or are body-mounted. They are small, light-weight, sturdy and come with a lens that can capture HD videos with extended POV film in a fish-eye view (wide angle). What’s more interesting, they also find extensive uptake in some burgeoning industries like media and entertainment, healthcare, mining, engineering, and archaeology. Thus, its scope of application is too wide. On the other hand, there are too many manufacturers offering various models with a different set of key features. This simply means it is getting more and more difficult for a regular user to choose the one that meets his/her requirements the most. So it’s logical why many customers get their hands on action cameras with a familiar brand. SJCAM is among them, undoubtedly. Starting from August 2017, the net was buzzing about the new series of action cameras that should come our way from the mentioned brand. After months of speculations on the specs, pricing and more, the company finally released its SJ8 series models this April. They include the SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus, and SJ8 Air. Out of these 3 masterpieces, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro is considered as one of the most remarkable versions. It comes with a number of great features that make it quite competitive to the GoPro and Xiaomi action cameras.


Briefly on SJ8 Series

Back in 2017, SJCAM was shipping its products via distributors. Its most popular model was the SJ400. A year later, they decided to revise their sales strategy and established themselves as a brand with a dedicated online store. As they have been working on getting a bigger market share, all their efforts were diverted toward marketing and branding. That’s why the quality of their products launched in 2015 affected a lot. Say, the SJ7 series action cameras have serious heating issues.

This was a single for the company to re-think its strategy. In 2017, the company made an overhaul and turned into a serious manufacturer from a regular company somewhere in China. Even though the expansion seemed sudden and rapid, it did not happen overnight. As a result, we got too many eye-catching products such as a body-worn camera of SJCAM A10 and a virtual reality ready device of SJ360. With the launch of the SJ8 series models, everything has become more serious. The company began showing its intentions on this market.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Display and Appearance

This action camera comes with a dual-screen. On the back, it sports a 2.33-inch touchscreen, while a 0.96-inch LED screen is placed on the front. The latter displays some limited content such as recording time, battery level, mode, and so on. Something like that we have seen on the SJCAM SJ6 Legend. This can be quite handy when using the camera on a tripod and control it remotely via SJRemote. In terms of managing the display, there are over 15 languages to choose from.


As for the main screen, it provides an easy-to-control two user interfaces. It allows users to switch between classical and iOS-style very easily.  It also comes with a pixel density of 370PPI. The screen has an improved response time in comparison to the previous touchscreen models from SJCAM. Thus it provides an extremely sharp and crystal clear performance.


The power button is placed on the left. Once it turns on, the camera shows all the options on the main screen.


On the right side, it has the USB Type-C port for many purposes. Expect faster data transfers, better FPV/drone control, and even live-preview, all in just one micro port.


It comes with Dual Stereo Microphones to reduce the noise when recording videos. They are placed on the left and right sides offering Stereoscopic audio. This is the first SJCAM camera with such a functionality.


The body is made of plastic and all the ports are covered. The overall build quality is nice and impressive. The weight of the product is 0.0850 kg. It comes with dimensions of 2.46 x 1.61 x 1.13 (L x W x H) inches.

Inside the box, we can find tons of useful accessories such as Waterproof Housing with Mount and Screw, Frame, Base, Adhesive, Mount, Connector with Screw, Handle Bar Mount, Tripod Adapter and Tripod Mount Adapter, and USB Cable.


SJCAM SJ8 Pro Camera

The selling point of the SJCAM SJ8 Pro is the 12MP camera along with 8x digital zoom and EIS stabilization. The Sony IMX377 sensor gives appreciable image rate per second along with the high resolution. As you guess, it is capable of recording 1080P at 120fps and 4K at 60fps. In addition, you can capture images at 4K. But here is a thing, to use the 4K mode you’ll need a larger memory card. The 7-layer aspherical Glass lens makes sure that images fed into the sensor are free from aberrations.


SJCAM SJ8 Pro Performance

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro is the most powerful model in comparison to the rest SJ8-line action cameras. Not surprisingly, it outperforms the other two models with value-added features. One of the main reasons why it stands out is related to the mighty Ambarella H22S85 system-on-chip. It provides an encoding in H.264 (AVC) as well as H.265 (10-bit HEVC-10) formats. The quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU is capable of providing advanced analytics.


The camera also has the standard RAW and Distorting Correction feature. Honestly, it’s been seen in all SJCAM models. But this time, it provides a faster and more efficient performance.

We are dealing with a sports camera. So it’ assumed it will be used in various extremal situations. Like all other SJCAM cameras, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro is water-resistant with an IP68 rating. The camera comes with multiple modes including Aerial Photography, Bike, Extreme Sports, Motorcycle, Ski, and Underwater.


The camera supports dual-band WiFi with a 2.4GHz/5GHz transmission. The ‘SJCAM’ app lets the user share videos and images with any other user without any interruption.

This is also the first SJCAM camera to support the Voice Control feature, which is the real icing on all other specs and features of the SJ8 Pro. Thanks to it, you can record videos and take shots in every situation and interact with the camera remotely.


SJCAM SJ8 Pro Battery

Usually, sports cameras don’t sport large capacity batteries due to an insufficient body space. But seems this is not for the SJCAM SJ8 Pro. It is packed with a 1200mAh battery, which is enough to provide up to 1.5 hours of video recording or 3 hours of standby time. You can even lower the resolution to make it serve you longer.



Obviously, with the launch of the SJ8 series, the manufacturer wants to give some stiff competition to other established mid-range camera brands such as Xiaomi and Yi Technology. But the SJCAM SJ8 Pro lets the company even to take on market leaders such as GoPro. We are not saying this action camera comes with innovations and you can’t find its key features such as the voice control, [email protected], dual-screen on other models. But thanks to them and an affordable price tag, the SJ8 Pro can’t make a tough competition to top brands.


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  1. I have just bought an SJ8PRO and I am having trouble to control the Field Of View (FOV).
    Does this camera have an FOV MENU?
    If in the affirmative, can you show me how?

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