SJCAM SJ360, A 360° Panoramic Camera That Will Surprise You

We already know numerous cameras of action like the Xiaomi Yi II 4K, which of its kind is one of the best exemplars. However, the idea of a widescreen video camera is somewhat different and simply outstanding. Being able to record everything we want in the same way that our eyes see the world is as close to reality as we can have. To revive those landscapes of charm or those moments in which we feel free of truth in which surely a photograph is not enough. For all these actions and much more, we have the SJCAM SJ360, a panoramic camera that can record up to 1080p.

Here is a brief summary that includes the most outstanding features of this device, so that you are aware of its functions and if you are interested in acquiring it, you can do so knowing fully what it is.

What does the package bring us?

  • 1 x Panoramic Camera SJCAM SJ360
  • 1 x Tripod
  • 1 x Travel bag
  • 1 x User manual in English / Chinese
  • 1 x USB Cable

Design of the SJCAM SJ360

This panoramic camera has dimensions of 11.00 x 4.00 x 2.80 cm so it fits comfortably in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you want. It has an ultra light weight of 87 grams, so you can record up to one hand without any inconvenience.

SJCAM SJ360 design 2

It has a screen of 0.96 inches with a resolution of 64 x 48 in which the recording resolution is observed, the time it is taking place and the battery of the device. With its wide angle lens of 360 ° and 16 mm has the ability to eliminate all blind spots giving a complete field of vision.

Features of the SJCAM SJ360

Internally it has a SJCAM A7S chip and has the capacity to support external micro SD cards up to 64 GB. The video format that allows recording in MP4, with up to 30 fps in 1080 P, and as for the images, it supports JPG. It has built-in WiFi that can operate up to a distance of 10 meters.


Battery of the SJCAM SJ360

The small panoramic camera SJ360 has an integrated battery of 1700 mAh, which is charged by a USB port with any electronic equipment like a PC or a Power Bank in 3 hours. With this battery, the camera can last a recording time of approximately 130 minutes, as well as 4 hours in Stand – By.

SJCAM SJ360 Battery

Application compatible with SJCAM SJ360

The SJ360 is compatible with SJCAM PANO, an application for Smartphones that allows sharing the content with a single button, quickly and easily. Video clips can be uploaded to the APP and then shared on any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, among others so that no one misses any detail of your amazing experiences.


With this panoramic camera you can take unique shots of incredible landscapes, so you have a video of that great experience in the same way that your eyes see it because thanks to its technology there is no blind spot in your recording.

Availability and price of SJCAM SJ360

This camera is available at Gearbest for $149 and from September 11 will begin shipping to all corners of the world. If you want a versatile panoramic camera, with good recording technology and that you can carry everywhere, we are sure that this is an excellent option. Click here to access the purchase link.


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