SIMTOO MOMENT II: Innovative Foldable Selfie Drone With GPS Explorer For Just $219.99

SIMTOO MOMENT II Drone is a new direction for SimToo, but a positive sign that this manufacturer is watching the market and developing in the direction that meets consumers demands.

Buy SIMTOO MOMENT II For Just $219.99


The Moment Drone shares a common design with most quadcopters with a central body containing sensors, a powerful CPU, sonar to determine height above ground, a down-looking camera for landing, and a gimbaled main camera. Like the Hover Camera Passport, the “wings” fold for compact storage in a carrying case and the propellers are protected by a cage-like structure. That structure appears to be made out of plastic rather than the carbon fiber used in the Hover Camera Passport, but in all of my test flying it managed to survive some spectacularly bad landings and flights into tree trunks without a scratch.

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Snap your outdoor memories instantly with the Air-Selfie Drone. Designed to be your own personal photographer in the air, this portable drone is able to shoot videos in 4K and has an intelligent ‘Follow-Me’ tracking function which keeps your portable photographer close by. Enclosed props make the design of this drone super safe. The perfect gift this season.

Want to capture your adventures in the great outdoors? Then you need the Air-Selfie Drone from SimToo. This portable drone has a 12MP camera which will shoot 4K steady shots in hover mode and on the move. The axis stabilization gimbal makes moving the drone more precise for smoother shots. The 4-inch three-blade design with enclosed props makes this incredibly safe and a great gift for yourself or others this season.

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Verdict & Buy

The SIMTOO MOMENT II isn’t perfect…but then again, it’s still in development and it actually flies quite well. The biggest draw is the $220 early bird pricing. SIMTOO MOMENT II is now available on Gearbest For Just $219.99 For Limited Flash Sale.

Buy SIMTOO MOMENT II For Just $219.99

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