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Recently, Xingge has put on a brand new Hi-Fi earphone – the Xing Ge Tongque series of interchangeable Hi-Fi headphones: Simgot EN700 MKII headphones.

Although Xingge is a new member of Xiaomi Youpin Mall, many people may be familiar with this brand of headphones. Xingge brand is also a well-known name in the domestic headset industry, especially in the Hi-Fi headset field. It’s worthy to mention that it has been on the local top level.  Another interesting fact is that “Xingge SIMGOT technology means “Daixing Gange” to Weishe. Simgot is a professional HIFI audio and digital brand. From the first time, the company managed to make an excellent design of headphones and find a good radiator for use in them.

This new product is available in three color versions: flame red, deep gray and mint green.

Simgot EN700 MKII earphone

Let’s move further and discuss the design and specifications of the Simgot EN700 MKII headphones.

Description of Full Package of Simgot EN700 MKII Headphones.

From the packaging point of view, this headset has two very significant features, the “good product” logo in the upper left corner (written in Chinese), indicating that this headset is customized for the majority of “products” fans and exclusive sales in the product mall.

Simgot EN700 MKII black box

The “Hi-Res Audio” logo in the upper left corner indicates that the Simgot EN700 MKII has been certified by the Japan Audio Association “Hi-Res Audio.” This certification is called High-Resolution Audio. It is a high-resolution audio standard that was proposed and defined by Sony. Note that the standard for high-quality audio products developed by the Japan Audio Association and the Consumer Electronics Association has become synonymous with good audio products.

Simgot EN700 MKII box

The main information on the backside of the box is the product name, model and basic parameters of this headset:

Drive unit: 10mm polymer titanium plated diaphragm moving coil unit
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity:   101dB (at 1000Hz)
Rated impedance: 18?
Wire length: 120cm
Plug type: 3.5mm
Pin type: 0.78mm double pin connector
Producer: Shenzhen Xingge Technology Co., Ltd.

Simgot EN700 MKII design of the box

The inner gift box is home of the Xingo Tongque series of interchangeable Hi-Fi headphones. The black cloth pattern is very textured, and a Suzaku pattern on the front is in the eye.  The eye is symbolizing that this is from the Xingge copper bird series.

Simgot EN700 MKII headphones are on the pedestal.  A little lower, the cover is housed.
Accessories are in the case. To get to the cable (note that from the factory, it is not connected to the headphones), you need to remove the pedestal.

Simgot EN700 MKII package

The cover is closed by means of magnets.  It is comfortable and looks stylish. Moreover, the inner covering is soft from a velvety material.
Initially, it contained silicone attachments.

There is not much room inside. Thus, you can place – or headphones, or accessories, no both.

The lower brass leather storage box shines and with its brand logo. Let’s agree that it is very eye-catching.

Simgot EN700 MKII Headphones design and display

Simgot EN700 MKII dynamic

Simgot EN700 MKII red


According to the official introduction of the flame red copper bird EN700 MKII, the overall material of the ear shell is made of aeronautical aluminum integrated five-axis precision molding. The sandblasting oxidation process is not fading, and the lightweight metal cavity is sturdy.  The headphones are reliable. Also, have more grades and textures. The weight of one side is no more than 6 grams. The shutter parts are molded from MIM stainless steel powder. Due to the absence of sharp corners and a smooth form, they sit comfortably enough in the ears and do not cause the slightest hassle.

Simgot EN700 MKII headphone

Simgot EN700 MKII cord

The interchangeable line is the biggest feature of this earphone except for the sound quality. The flame red wire is equipped with eight high-purity oxygen-free copper mixed wires as standard. This wire can enhance the low-frequency sense and atmosphere.

The interchangeable line design, as long as the interface specifications are the same. Any brand of wire can be used, such as can be replaced by a pure silver wire, copper and silver hybrid cable, Type-C interface or Bluetooth audio cable. It is a very useful functionality for headphones.

Simgot EN700 MKII red cord

The sound guideline looks good and has a visual impact. It reveals its distinctiveness. Simgot EN700 MKII headphones are easy to store and to knot. The model of the headphones on the splitter is evident at a glance.

Note that the 3.5mm audio connector can be replaced and the Type-C plug is included with the package because many mobile phones are not equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack these days.


Above the splitter is a convenient metal slider.  It has large holes inside. Therefore, the slider easily slides up the cable. At the same time – the relief structure of the cable does not allow it to slide down on its own.

Simgot EN700 MKII design

Another significant feature of this headset is that it does not need to be deliberately down. It has a polymer composite titanium-coated diaphragm, which prevents from the shackles of deliberate long-term downtime.

The manufacturer provides two sets of silicone attachments. The package comes with six pairs of tuning earplugs, three pairs of transparent plugs, and three pairs of equalizing plugs.

The balanced plug can enhance the low frequency, improve the hearing resistance, the sound is more gentle and heavy.

The transparent plug can enhance the medium and high frequency. They are integrated into cardboard cards.

The first set (Eartip I)
For high resolution, and crystal clear sound.

The second set (Eartip II)
For a more comfortable, neutral sound – with a slightly strengthened bass.

They Improve the resolution and penetration, and the sound is more natural and clear. In our experience, the sound quality of the two types of earplugs is indeed different. The original earplugs have such special effects, and they have to admire the power of technology.

The rigidity of Eartip I and Eartip II nozzles is the same. Differences are only in the diameter of the canal.

Simgot EN700 MKII full package


Simgot EN700 MKII earphone

Simgot EN700 MKII headphones wearing performance

The Xingge Tongque series of Simgot EN700 MKII interchangeable Hi-Fi earphones are designed with a wrap-around ear. The all-rounded fit of the ear is more comfortable. The earloop of the wire is softer and does not appear to be scratched behind the ear. The feeling of wearing is that even if it is worn for a long time, it will not fall, it will not be loose, and it can guarantee the sound effect for a long time.

Simgot EN700 MKII headphones wearing

Simgot EN700 MKII Headphones Experience

I only received this headset for a few days, but thanks to the short-cut feature,  the front-end requirements are not high. It is very easy to get started. Like the usual mobile phone, the tablet can be used as the front-end device of the Xingo Tongque EN700 MKII interchangeable Hi-Fi headset. This is easy to carry whether it is used in normal or out-of-the-go, and it doesn’t bother with a high-end earphone with a bunch of front-end equipment.

Simgot EN700 MKII

Due to personal preferences, I chose two pure instrumental music, “Alpine Flowing Water” and “Drums.” The drums are all played by pure drums. Before I started listening, I was skeptical about the Simgot EN700 MKII interchangeable Hi-Fi headphones. I am afraid that it can’t control this pure percussion. The drums sounded, and the Xingge Tongque series was changed to the Hi-Fi earphones. The sound of the musicians’ steady beats gradually progressed, especially the explosive power of the drums and thunders. The ten-minute drumming sound continued, and it was like shaking the sea like a mountain, especially the fierce and compact drums of the music about 5 minutes. There was an invisible sense of oppression, which almost made me forget my breath.

Simgot EN700 MKII with phone

The high mountain water is known as China’s top ten classical music, and it is also a test of the resolution of the headphones. We use the Simgot EN700 MKII to change the line Hi-Fi headphones to see if it can resolve the wide range of the track. Occasionally the subwoofer, overtones, glide, and tunes are high and twirling; every time the mountain water is heard, it is a baptism of the soul. Through repeated auditions of these two tracks, the Simgot N700 MKII interchangeable Hi-Fi earphone is the earphone with the best resolution of the two tracks. Simgot EN700 MKII headphones

Want to experience excellent high-quality sound effects? Then note that front-end equipment, sound source, and a good pair of earphones are essential for it.


Simgot EN700 headphones are an excellent example of how each manufacturer should bring their creation to perfection, if not to absolute perfection, then to a very decent level. The new model is not perceived as a tuning release of the same, but as a full-fledged update of the line, as an entirely new product in an already recognizable form. Separately, I want to praise the Chinese brand for a very affordable price.

Overall,  the Simgot EN700 is a well-balanced model. It combines – beautiful appearance, good cable, comfortable fit, and good sound and affordable price!

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Your questions and comments are welcome.

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