SHRC SH2 Review| A Quadcopter with extensive number of features

SHRC SH2 is a brand of producing quadcopters. It has a large number of features like HD FPV Light, Global positioning system (GPS) for stable flight, Aerial photography mode, QR code on the manual, safe return to home and so on. It has also a sensor which is barometer by which it can also measure the pressure of the air which is totally a rare feature compares to other drones. Besides, its size is medium so it can be easily maintained. Its design is also outstanding although it looks very simple. Moreover, its price is comparatively lower compares to other brands.

SHRC SH2 Review


After placing the order, the buyer usually gets the product very soon. In that time the drone usually take place in a box which is quite small and the box also has a handle, so it is very easy to carry. Then, just removing the tape or cutting the packet by a knife, the buyer easily opens the drone from the packet.

What is inside the boxSHRC SH2 Review

When a buyer opens the box, the person notices every equipment of the drone present there such as the main body, propeller, remote controller, a small bags with too many types of equipment like USB cable, charger, screwdriver, manual all are taking place.

Flight timeSHRC SH2 Review

The flight time is always an important feature for a drone. With the long flight time, a user may take it for doing particular tasks like capturing pictures of a place or making videos or others. And in that time, if the flight time is not known to the user and the user doing the task without concerning about the flight time, in the meantime it may be stopped which causes a serious problem. But, using this product the user may understand and get the exact knowledge about its flight time.
Stable flight
Every user wants a stable flight otherwise the user cannot do the task clearly and comfortably. It has a feature of Global positioning system (GPS), which ensures the proper position of the flight. Besides, it also gives good performance in the bad weather which is very rare to other brands products.


Its design is not too much gorgeous but it is very standard to look. It is simple in design and its size is medium which is convenient to carry for the user. Besides, there are two colors are available (Silver and Black) both are very gorgeous to look.


Using and maintaining this device is not a difficult task even the beginner can easily use this. So, for using this, a user need not gain gather extensive knowledge about the function, properties, and features of a quadcopter.

BatterySHRC SH2 Review

Working for a long time, a high capacity battery is always needed. As the travel time of this device is not too much, so a battery with a capacity of 550 mAh is enough. With is battery the user can easily complete the following task without any problems.
Headless mode
For this feature, the user need not pay more attention to the head of the drone that is the movement and placement of the head. Thus, the user can work more freely and comfortably.

Control Distance

SHRC SH2 Review

Using this device, it is possible to control a distance around 300m. So, when a user goes to capture the images or making videos in a remote place, then the user can use the flight mode and can take the views surrounding the user.

Charging time

Charging time of this device is really unbelievable, which is only around 40 minutes that is very low compares to every other brand’s product. So, a user can use it most of the time even the battery keeps low, then just connect to the charger for 40 minutes and do the unfinished task properly.

Remote Control

Its remote control is wireless which makes it more comfortable. Sometimes, the user may need to take it in the mountains, sea falls or other quite remote places and in those places, it is difficult to take some sensitive things like wire so in this kind of place wireless remote controller will be more helpful and comfortable.

Automatic Return

In times when the battery keeps low or other problem may occur, the drone will return to the user automatically which remove the possibility of losing or damaging the device.

Point of Interesting flight

This means just select a point and then fly around the point. This can be an interesting feature for the user who uses the device for recreational things.

HD FPV Flight

By this device, the user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos which is one of its most important features. Most of the user buys a drone for taking videos or pictures so by this device a user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos. During the time when taking pictures or videos from a mountain or a sea fall, it will be helpful for the user as its quality seems excellent.

SensorSHRC SH2 Review

It has a sensor which is the barometer. By using this, the pressure of the air can be easily taken.

App download

The applications which are needed to run this device can be easily downloaded by following the QR code which is given in the manual. So, it minimizes the waste of time and also the energy of the user.

Size of the product

The size of the device is medium which is comfortable for the user to carry. As it is very simple that a user may need to carry this in a remote place, in that time the user gets extra benefits due to its size.


Cost of this product will encourage every customer due to its very low comparative to every brand of drones. Even its price is affordable to the lower class also. Besides, a buyer will also get a USB cable, a manual, propeller, screwdriver, remote controller, and charger in free of cost in times of buying the device.

What we don’t like

Its flight time duration is comparatively low which creates problem to the user. Another is, the covering of surrounding distance is also comparatively lesser than others brands product. Besides, the battery capacity is not too long which sometimes may be a problem for the user.


SHRC SH2is a model of producing drone which is a quadcopter. As its size is not very large and weight is light, it is easy to carry. It has extensive functions such as taking high-resolution pictures; high-quality videos can do the task at a long distance and so many. Besides, its mechanical design is not too complex even a beginner can use it without too much difficulty. Moreover, it has some mode which remains safe itself and also the user. And, it’s charging time is quite lower so the user can use this in most of the time. Lastly, the price of this device is very much affordable due to its low cost compares to most of the other brands.


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