Sharp New Smartphone Leaked – 99% Body Ratio, On-screen Fingerprint Reader!

Last week, one of Japan’s old mobile phone brands, Sharp held a media communication where it announced the return of Sharp to the Chinese mobile phone arena. Their focus will be on a device will “full screen” design. Sharp’s products are usually limited to Japan because it is a Japanese company, but since the company was bought by Foxconn, it appears that Sharp will be spreading its tentacles and its devices will probably go abroad.


Xiaomi set the “full screen” pace and took it to very high levels that have seen other manufacturers follow the same trend, but as early as 2013, Sharp’s Aquos Crystal was so amazing that it caught the attention of many. Official sources reveal that Sharp have launched up to 28 full-screen devices so far and this will be yet another. CEO of Sharp Mobiles Luo Zhongsheng said that Sharp would have a full-screen design this year and it will be the introduction of their powerful mobile phones. “I bet you, by the end of December this year, you will all have to replace your phones,” said Zhongsheng.


Apart from this official pronouncement, nothing concrete has been said about Sharp’s new device. Nevertheless, wonderful renderings of Sharp’s new machine have been leaked though the authenticity of these leaks cannot be verified. From the images, the front of the device is covered by a “really full screen” power/lock and the camera design looks very similar to Essential. It features a dual camera setup with a sleek design and modern style. Behind the smartphone does not contain any fingerprint recognition module thus it will most likely use a screen fingerprint technology. This year’s iPhone 8 is also expected to use this technology. This device is designed with very thin bezels and rectangular display corners. The device’s volume up, power/lock buttons can be found on the right-hand side of the device’s body.




I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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  1. Definitely an excellent news. As the article really well said, it was Sharp to start everything (the trend) back than. Then consecutively boosted amazingly by Xiaomi (with the Mi Mix). And now a lot of Chinese companies are following the trend, gradually. But it’s a good news that Sharp will re enter the extremely tough competition of telephony and in this case of the bezel-less battle/race. And the modern/current tech of the on screen fingerprint technology, is definitely the other trend of the moment and of the very near future. Hopefully, the rumor, leak, etc. of a 99% Body Ratio and the On-screen Fingerprint Reader, it will turn out to be completely true. And it is really encouraging what the CEO of Sharp mobiles department Luo (Zhongsheng) said. That Sharp will have a full-screen phone/s from this current year. And even more encouraging, is his bet or promise, “I bet you, by the end of December this year, you will all have to replace your phones.” So definitely waiting.

  2. Yeah, Its really great to see Sharp back at it again. The CEO sounded really confident, we can only keep our fingers crossed

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