SG106 Drone for just $40.99: Worth Buying this RC Quadcopter? [COUPON]

The SG106 Drone is a Flight RC Quadcopter that comes with a Dual WiFi HD Camera and can last up-to 22mins of flight time. If you’re looking for an entry level or for the best drone to buy for beginners in 2019 then the SG106 Flight RC Drone is a great entry level drone that will not cost a fortune. In the recent years there are a lot of companies that are making plenty of entry level drones, which leaves you with a sheer number of choices. Considering that it needs to fit in your budget, then definitely the SG106 Drone makes to the top list of the best drones under $50.


Price: $40.99

Could the SG106 Flight RC Drone be the best under $50 Drones?

A sturdy drone that won’t disappoint!

With not many sacrifices considering the price a 1600mAh is an amazing option on an entry-level RC Drone. You get an average battery life of 22 Mins run-time. The SG106 RC Drone Quadcopter is made using some sturdy and lightweight materials such as the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The design is something that acts as a major selling point for the SG106 RC Drone.

Okay there is something incredible on this drone: The G-Gestures. Now you can control the SG106 Drone flying direction by just tilting your mobile phone. Isn’t that super cool?

The flying quality is amazing. With the help of optical stream & a 6-center point GYRO-Sensor ensures for a steady flight experience. The SG106 RC Drone offers a responsive flying experience. For the size it is pretty impressively stable. Yes it’s not a 4K camera but definitely the HD Dual Camera equipped by the SG106 Drone offers a super-steady video stabilization and definitely yes this is not a camera choice among budget drones. The drone has a frontal wide-angle 1080p camera and a down-side 720p camera.

The SG106 RC Flight Drone equips a Barometric Air Pressure Sensor. It is a type of sensor that is majorly used in vehicles. The Barometric sensor is responsible for measuring the atmospheric pressure. There is a Altitude Hold Mode this tends to measure the atmospheric pressure and thus offers a flight is more stable which means you tend to capture some pretty stable footage and pics.

A drone that follows you!

The SG106 Drone offers a one key follow mode, this mode sets the drone to follow you. The in-built algorithm has a monitor technology which tracks you and reverts the signals back to your drone. This allows the drone to follow you and tends to capture your best moments. It has an autonomous mode that sets the algorithm to track and follow you. This is super cool!

Lots of features for this small guy: SG106 Drone

  • The Drone equips a 3.7V 1600mAh high-capacity battery which can live or last up-to 22mins.
  • With some simple gestures, now you can take pictures without any complex actions.
  • Scared about loosing your drone, not anymore! Just one key away from returning your drone to its original lift-off place.
  • Want a personal photographer who can capture your best moments. The SG106 Drone has it sorted for you with the One-Key Following mode.
  • Okay to keep it simple, the drone has a one key function to take-off and land your drone without any complex functions.

Okay that’s all good. But should you buy the SG106 Flight RC Drone?

The ultimate aim of the SG106 Drone Quadcopter tends to make sure that you don’t have to break your bank on your entry level drone purchase. At a stunning price of just $44.78 this drone makes a great choice for a great entry level drone. Also we would love to give our readers a coupon that can get you the SG106 Flight Drone for just $40.99.


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