Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 in-depth Review: Lightest electric scooter for the next gen

Electronics scooters have recently gained a lot of popularity in the electronic market. Now and then we see new brands coming up with their own models of e-scooters. However, not every brand e-scooters are high-grade, and some of them are just trying to loot customers. Recently we got our hands on one of the best and oldest brand manufacturing e-scooters not only for kids but also for adults like us. This review is also about one of the best models they ever produced the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1. The Segway ES1 electronic scooter is a classic combination of Leisure, shopping and commuting. With an overall weight of 11.3 kg Segway ES1, comes completely packed with all features you can expect from a great scooter.


  1. Components, assembly and specifications.
  2. Ninebot in detail.
  3. Main elements.
  4. Charging.
  5.  Preparation for City.
  6. Driving modes.
  7. Brakes.
  8. Ride surface.
  9. Subway rides.
  10. Driving culture.
  11. Accessories.
  12. Impressions (instead of the conclusion).


The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is one of the simplest model of electric scooter available in the family of the Segway NineBot ES series. The device was unveil at the beginning of this year but still gaining a lot of popularity due to its apparent benefits, consumer qualities and an inexpensive price. One thing that is for sure is that it is one of the most significant and most difficult packages we received for review. Dimensions were measuring to be 107x35x18.5cm.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Only the package weights almost 15 kg.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Inside the box lies the frame of Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

– scooter,
– steering wheel (separately),
– charging unit,
– hex key,
– brief instructions.


Although it looks hard, assembling the electric scooter is undoubtedly no problem and takes only a couple of minutes. Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Start with the wheel and remove the plug from the central unit. Then join the plug sticking out of it with the mating return connector of the main part.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Also, do not forget to install a thin rubber strip that comes with the accessories, and tighten the complete screws with a key.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Complete assembly of Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The Segway ES1 looks beautiful nothing extravagant, strict forms and dark grey (closer to black) matte color.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

The Segway engineers did a marvellous job by pushing all the gears and batteries inside the vertical rack, without putting anything into the flat deck. This naturally provides enough space to have an excellent hold on the device. However, due to this sustainability has suffered somewhat, because of the rise of the centre of gravity relative to the ground. But the good part is the increase in the height of the electronic component from the ground. This proves to be quite beneficial as it practically excludes water from entering the interior from the road.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Specifications:

Engine power: 250W
Maximum speed: 20 km / h (25 km / h when installing an additional battery)
Run on one charge: 25 km (max)
Brakes: front electronic, rear foot push
Maximum load: 100 kg
Maximum level of slope of the slide: 10 °
Display: yes
Weight: 11.3 kg
Wheels: 8 “(~ 20 cm), solid
Battery capacity: 5200 mAh
Charging time: 3.5 hours

Segway ES1 in detail:

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is big enough to be handled by an adult.
Length: 102 cm
Height: 113 cm
Width of the steering wheel: 43 cm
Width of the deck: 15 cm

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The Segway ES1 weights just over 11 kg, and this makes it quite convenient, even to carry single-handedly and also making it a perfect travel companion.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

In fact, it is one of the lightest models with comparable parameters on the market.

The Segway ES1 differs from the older ES2 model by the following factors:
– Not having shock absorber onto the rear wheel.
– lower engine power compares to the older model (250 W versus 300 W).
– lower maximum acceleration: 20 km / h (actually 22) versus 25 km / h.
– not having the illumination of the deck and LED lights (instead of them just reflective stickers).
– moderate weight: 11 kg vs. 12.5 kg.
The Segway also have an ES4 model, which comes with an additional 5200 mAh battery which can be mounted on a vertical stand. This helps in increasing the power reserve up to the 45 km and also increase the speed of the device. However, Segway always delivers the best for its customers and you can also buy the additional battery for Segway ES1. This will increase the battery life as well as maximum speed up to the 25 km / h.

We also compare the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 with its closest competitor the Xiaomi 365. According to the specifications, the Xiaomi electric scooter features a massive 7800 mAh battery, but with the same engine power of 250W. The Xiaomi 365 also comes with wheels with cameras however according to the majority of reviews it’s better to replace it with some good quality of action camera. The difference lies in weight, the Xiaomi 365 weights more than Segway ES1 which is an essential factor while considering electric scooter for yourself.

For choosing a great electric scooter, there are some factors which we all should keep in mind before ordering one. The things that matters include the weight of the device, which is really important as it can have a significant impact on the device. Others points include high speed, range and a rear shock absorber. As for the latter, the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 lacks the rear shock absorber which is quite shocking. However, we test run the device for about 60 km and even with the absence of rear shocker we were not very disappointed with the performance of Segway ES1 as we do not feel any noticeable discomfort.

The front shock absorber works in an excellent way without transmitting the vibration to your hands. The rear wheel is somewhat harsh but doesn’t give the feeling of “shedding the spine in the pants.” The electric scooter Segway ES1 is primarily meant for the smooth surfaces for likes of asphalt or another similar coating. Off riding with the scooter entire line hugely contraindicates.

The scooter is primarily made for adults, as for a child it will be quite difficult to cope up with it mainly due to the weight issue. My parameters are 182cm / 82kg, and I feel very comfortable “dissect” on it. The overall height of the steering wheel, the width and length of the deck – everything is just perfect.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Maybe a slightly wider grip would be more convenient, however, it would already change the visible dimensions of the device.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

The horizontal surface of the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is really sufficient for placing any size of leg mine(43 size) set entirely without any but.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Main elements

The primary mechanism of the Segway ES1 is nicely hiding in the wheel motor with a diameter of 20 cm (rear wheel of the same size.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Front wheel with shock absorber and a boot.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1While testing the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1, sometimes the large hex nut can unwind, which cause resentment of the steering rack. However, this problem can be easily solve by tightening this nut with pliers with sliding jaws.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Real wheels feature premium and durable plastic with a retro-reflective sticker.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Bushing and bearing.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Back wheel with spring wing.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Sidestroke before pushing the brakes.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The back foot brakes are not solid, but the are in ribbed shape. This obviously gives more confidence while braking, although a grinding noise emits while doing so.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The deck is made of solid rubbers.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Stickers on the back side of the deck with characteristics and warnings that you need to know for riding safely.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The deck is made of mostly metal from below, except only at the place of contact with the surface while in (folded state) a plastic part is screwed. The ground clearance you will get with the device is 10 cm, which is enough to force small irregularities and puddles.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1A convenient foot leg hides below the deck quickly opens up and does not interfere at all while riding the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

The Segway ES1 is an updated model and compared to its predecessor original ES2 it comes with lots of updations. One of the significant change we notice in the ES1 includes stiffness change in shock absorber; moreover the rubber pad on the deck improves a lot and now comes in ribbed shape. In its previous models, Segway generally used a smooth rubber padding which was quite inconvenient while riding the bike if your shoes were wet, then it used to make your foot slide while riding the bike. Now with ribbed padding, we didn’t face any kind of issue.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1In addition, to all updations, a splash finds its place on the rear section at the joint of the upright stand in the folded state. While it was not available in the previous model, the stand used to scratch against the rear wing.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The folding mechanism on the Segway ES1 is very convenient and we were very pleased with it. You will get a pedal at the bottom of the vertical stand, pressing it with feet and slightly bending the stand ahead, we quickly fold the scooter.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The gums (in the two lower squares in the photo), oddly enough, use to fall out from the Segway ES1 due to weak initial fixations, and also soon disappear. We change them from the pieces of the fuel hose.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1For folding the device, we take the rack near to the rear side and fasten the hook on it, within the rejoinder lock on the side.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The device while folding and in ready state.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1With fixations, it gets quite easy to roll it while holding the steering handle.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1To use the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 again, you need to push the rear frame and pull up the steering handle. The hook can also be used to carry something by hanging it on the hook.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The steering handles come with a cover of foamed neoprene, and they are very soft and comfortable. However, they tend to get dirty quickly but can be easily washed off as well.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Soft rubber plugs on the sides of the arms, cover the handlebar of Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1. Due to some fixing issue, they continuously try to jump out of the handle and get lost in the process. Even if they get lost there is not any major problem, however, they protect the steering handle and stand from shaking when the scooter falls on its side.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1On the upper part of the vertical frame in front, below the steering handle, a reasonably bright light is present.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

The display finds its place on the top of steering handle- concise and informative. You can easily turn on the Segway ES1 by just pressing a single button below the display. When its get turns on, it self-tests all the parameters and displays all possible numbers.Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1While driving the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 following specs are displayed: speed, driving mode, battery percentage, and Bluetooth symbol, if there is a connection with a smartphone.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1On the handle bars only there are two different buttons- on the right, you will get electronic throttle, and on the left, there is electronic brakes. Both the buttons are self-returning and come with the same shape and force. The only difference lies in the color of buttons.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1


The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 design architecture is top notch, and one of the biggest advantages plays in the charging. Although all the electronics locates in the rack of the scooter, the charging connector finds its place at a high point. It is approximately, at the height of 57 cm from the ground. In addition to its excellent location, it also comes with a cover of rubber plug, which protects it from water and dust. While charging the display shows the percentage of battery charge, and after charging is completed, it automatically stops. However, according to information from the forums, this may not happen in the latest version, therefore, people who do not recommend updating the original firmware version to version 1.3.3. Full recharging takes about 3.5 hours.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Power supply indicates 220 V, however, the Chinese connector only provides 42V / 1.7A.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1The total length of the charging cable and the power supply comes out to be about 3 meters. The cable length is enough for charging the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 from a comfortable location.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Preparation for Riding (Application)

After combining every part, it seems Segway ES1 is ready to roll. In principle, it should work like that, however, turns out this is not the right way. If you take out the scooter it will start making squeak sound, in order for the scooter to go usually, it needs to be activated. For this, you have to download Segway App which is available for both iOs and Android.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1After activating the scooter stops beeping and the App starts showing a sequence of safety guidelines, which can not be disabled.

From the application safety course, you will learn how to fold/unfold the scooter, and also how to apply brakes sharply. With the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1, you can use both the brakes the rear foot and the electronic front. You can apply brakes and use the electronic push only after speeds above 3 km / h.
Before starting the ride, we recommend doing some warm-up and also check all the screws for fewer squeaks and backlashes.

Driving modes

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 comes with three modes of driving. You can easily switch between them by double pressing the button below the display.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1First mode:
-The first mode is the best economic mode you will get with the Segway ES1. In this mode, the scooter accelerates at a languid pace and the speed limits to just 15 km / h (you can change it through the application). This mode is best suited for beginners and who want to travel as far as possible.
Basic/Standard mode

-While on the Basic mode you will get a letter S on display. This mode is a balance between battery saving and acceleration.
Sports mode

-In the Sports mode, you will see red color letter S on display. You will get the fastest acceleration with this mode, but consequently, the battery saving is lowest.

We test the scoter in every mode, from full charge to fully discharge or from the moment when scooter no longer rides( somewhat when speeds drop to 2-3 km/h). In the first mode or economic mode, testing was prolonged, however, Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 lives up to its expectation and the claimed figure of 25 km, on a single charge, is quite achievable. The reason behind that can also be the device ability to use the reel (i.e., go without using the energy of the scooter). The Segway ES1 also comes with an energy recovery mechanism, which is not switchable, but only changeable from “weak” to “maximum. This mechanism albeit slowly, allows the scooter to get its energy back even while driving.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1However, most of the things depend upon the terrain, if the drive is smooth, without slides, then it will run longest. If the ground is hilly and you go for the ride in the evening, then the flashlight also consumes energy. The flashlight is bright enough to go for a ride on a dark night, but take care of other peoples as the light can easily blind oncoming people.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Regarding the driving speed, the maximum speed display indicates 22 km/hr. However, the best part or for some the worst part is the software restrictions. Even if you are riding down the hill, the speed will not increase. The Segway ES1 even slows down on the descent independently and even do not allow you to increase the speed above it.

The maximum speed we recorded with the application is 23.1km/h, at an idle position, when the wheel was hanging. The app also comes with minimal settings, and you can check the recovery force, speed voyage control and maintain a set speed. You can also block the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 buy pressing the lock option from the app. This feature turns out to be really useful if someone tries to steal your bike as he will suffer from starting the device. The principal advantage of the application lies in keeping an eye on the total battery charge, record of scooter run and keeping the total mileage in check.


For the first ride, we were little afraid with the front electronics brakes remembering what happens when we try front brakes in bicycle(tumble). It’s lots better to use rear foot only, however, it is not very convenient. While riding the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 you can’t keep your both feet on the deck as you have to always take care of the rear brakes. For using the rear brakes you have to keep the other on the toe in order to have time to press the heel on the rear wing for braking at the right moment. While riding this stance is not very pleasant and feets most of the time go numb, you have to practice it a lot to get a hang of it.

The front electronics brakes are not very useful, and they turned out to be quite sane. Front brake are entirely predictable, and if your Segway ES1 is at a reasonable speed, they are worth for nothing. Maybe because of small wheels and a low center of gravity they turned out to be like this. Accordingly, we stop using them, and it’s better to use both of them at the same time in the emergency situation. Braking distance is about 5m.

Ride surface

As for the riding surface, the best place for the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is definitely asphalt road without holes and cracks. However, it can easily pass 1-3 cm holes without even realizing them and without any special shocks for the rider which is quite commendable as the electronic scooter lacks a rear shock absorber.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Road borders like below picture are contraindicated; the maximum range is up to 1 cm. However, for a beauty like this, we usually pass.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1However, for such a variation in approaching traffic may already face a wreck or a fall.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Although some parts can’t be ignored then the best option is to circle the pit.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Best part a beautiful ride on this.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1You can still ride it in a place like this in woods, but only if the trails are dry and trampled. However, the rammed asphalt crumb is not very comfortable to ride, and you can always hear the loud noise coming out from the tires.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Taking a ride on wet roads. Trailing in the rain with the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is not a very good experience. The scooter can efficiently run of the damp asphalt due to the front-wheel drive, and it runs very confidently, without sliding and drifting. However, we do not recommend you to force it into deep puddles, but shallow ones. Due to 10 cm of ground clearance can pass the shallow ones but you need to get ready to make your clothes dirty.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Also whoever says so, but the rear mudguard doesn’t save much.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Even though not everything is so scary and google can solve anything. You can easily make an excellent mudguard for your Segway ES1 with different types of material like plastic bottles, folders for documents and old cameras.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1Our experience while riding the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 in cold weather + 8-9 degrees turns out to be okay. If you want you can use a hat or face protection but its a personal choice. However, the main thing is to keep in the notice is that while riding the bike in cold weather condition affects its battery performance. This will make bike travel less distance as compared to the usual weather.
Transporting Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 in a car. For carrying the scooter in the folded state is quite convenient as the electric bike is very compact. However, there should be a length of 107 cm free space availble in your car trunk.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1In the trunk of the crossover: Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Subway rides

Rides on the subway. We had one goal to use the Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 to get to the subway from home and to work and back. Well, this is indeed possible as with the small edition of the scooter. The hard part is just to carry it along with your car and finding a parking spot. After that, you have to find a location and stick to the wall so that you can easily move it around the station using your feet.

Also, do not forget to install the bag on the top wheel, so as not to spoil yourself and others. However from the parking, you can roll it in the unfolded state, there should be no problems with other as it will be in a folded state not running. While on the escalator, it fits well as it is necessary to drag it by yourself in some places like along the steps. However now at every subway, there are ramps and lifts for conveniently using this kind of devices and also for wheelchairs.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1To run the scooter in these kinds of ramps you need to overclock Segway ES1 for a speed above 3 km/hr and then pressing the electronic throttle. This will make it easy to roll the electric scooter in the up direction, for the opposite direction you have to use the brakes. However, overall, running the scooter on subways was not a pleasant experience due to narrow lanes and small turning angle, it is nevertheless convenient.
Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Driving culture

A little about driving culture. Before starting to ride an electric scooter, you should always remember some ethics related to this. On a sidewalk, a pedestrian is ALWAYS RIGHT. A sidewalk is always meant for pedestrians, and till now there’s no dedicated bikes lanes for users like us. An electric scooter is still dangerous even if their speed is not exceeding 22 km/hr. So while using scooter stay away from making hazardous situations, always keep your speed low while riding on busy lanes to not frighten pedestrians as it is always difficult to ride on busy lanes.


We search for some accessories, and this is all we could find: a stand for a child, a bag on the steering wheel, a basket under the steering wheel, a handle fixed on the steering wheel for the convenience of transit.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1


The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is super cool. All the features in general including its lightweight and fancy look with its capacity to fulfill personal needs makes it a star performer. The 22 km/h speed is still four times higher than a walking speed of a regular guy making it really convenient for getting from point A to point B. In the city with good asphalt road and well-laid tiles, gives you enough freedom of movement to travel cover a much greater distance in small time. The only problem we face is while keeping the electronic scooter when we want to go to a store or cafe but it never stops us from taking a ride on it.

Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1

Where to buy?

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is available at gearbest with a price tag of $549.99.


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