Second Generation Black Shark Gamepad Released at 179 Yuan

On August 3, China Joy, the annual carnival festival in the global digital interactive entertainment field, opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Black Shark Technology, the creator of professional game phones, also attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, Black Shark Technology released the second generation Black Shark gamepad. While inheriting the excellent genes of the first generation products, it also made new breakthroughs in the interaction experience with users and carried out all-round upgrades.

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In appearance, the second-generation Black Shark gamepad features a tough magazine style for a more playful feel. At the same time, the compact body design is more portable. In addition to the advantages of the plug-and-play and zero-learning cost of the first-generation Black Shark gamepad, the second-generation game controller also uses a toggle-type switch button to make the boot faster and the Bluetooth connection status at a glance.

second generation Black Shark gamepad

At the same time, in order to achieve a better operating experience, the second-generation Black Shark gamepad has been optimized and improved in terms of technology and function for the joystick and buttons: during use, the user can customize the sensitivity of the joystick. It also received functional and four-sided keys that you can configure. The function keys make it easy for users to map and record screens, while the four-way keys can be customized to meet more game scenes.

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Especially worth mentioning that in addition to the game function, the rich key combination of the second generation Black Shark gamepad can also be used in daily entertainment such as photography, video, reading, etc. So we can say the usage purposes are more diversified.

The second-generation Black Shark game controller is priced at 179 yuan ($26) and will be sold in platforms such as Xiaomi Mall, Jingdong Mall, Youpin Mall, and Black Shark Mall.


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