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It’s not long ago when SCISHION entered into the market of electronic gadgets and they have already listed as a top level brand for their quality products. This time SCISHION came with their Model X android Tv Box. Good hardware properties and updated Android 8.1 operating system have made this Tv Box better one. SCISHION Model X’s amazing features with cool design and appearance will amuse you certainly. Now i am going to discuss everything in details and you will find a complete SCISHION Model X review. Stay connected.

SCISHION Model X reviewSCISHION Model X review

At first we will see its design and appearance and then we are going to discuss its main features and full specification. Let’s see what’s good and bad here.

Design and AppearanceSCISHION Model X review

SCISHION Model X Tv Box has an as usual design like most other TV boxes available in the market and nothing special here in its design and appearance. But its design is simple, attractive and there is nothing bad can make you feel bad about it.

It’s a square shaped box and its surfaces are smoothly designed. The model ‘X’ is written on its upper surface and its brand name ‘SCISHION’ has been placed on the upper left corner on the upper surface. There is a logo of Wi-Fi in the bottom side to express their highly configured Wi-Fi support.

There is an antenna attached to its sidebar. The connectivity ports are placed on the sidebars nicely. One sidebar contains the USB ports and TF card slot. The other sidebar contains Ethernet port, Power input port, HDMI output etc. One thing worth mentioning is this TV box doesn’t have so many unnecessary connectivity ports and it contains only the important 6-7 ports. As it contains fewer ports, the ports are placed and designed so efficiently that user can easily use these ports. Its size is not that much big. Its small size with its lightweight will make you feel good about SCISHION Model X.

This is all about SCISHION Model X’s design and appearance. I find its design pretty simple and it has a rich interface with the connectivity ports, smooth logos, and surfaces.

The Hardware

As I said before SCISHION Model X has a good hardware property, now we will see its well-configured CPU and GPU system. Let’s take a look.

It has 1.5 GHz Quad Core CPU with RK3229 processor of ROCKCHIP. This  RK3229 is a superfast quad-core processor for smart TV boxes and this made SCISHION Model X’s performance a lot better.

It’s GPU is Mali-400. Its operating system is the latest Android 8.1 with 32-bit firmware.

Updated Android 8.1 OS has made its system more fluent with faster running speed.

It has a Type DDR3 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. You can extend its internal 16 GB storage up to 64 GB with the TF card accessibility.

Everything seemed fine here with hardware but 2GB RAM is a lil bit backdated. Though this 2GB RAM is not a major fact but it could be updated. So the processor, GPU and CPU, firmware, internal storage and everything are good without this 2GB RAM.

Connectivity Ports And Network Connections

Let’s talk about its network connections. One amazing fact about SCISHION Model X’s network connection is it has both wireless and wired connection.  It has 5 GHz superfast Wi-Fi and 100 MBPS Ethernet support. See its network connections are faster.

It has two USB 2.0 ports and a TF card slot for extending your internal storage if you need to. It has a HDMI 2.0 port for video inputs and a AV port for 5.1 Surround sound output.

It has an Ethernet port for Ethernet cable connection and a power port for external power supply.

It has enriched connectivity ports for limitless connectivity to external devices and its superfast network connection system is incredible.

High Media Support

It has a powerful decoding system which improves its video performance a lot.

It uses H 265 decoding format and it supports 4K ultra HD image. This H265 decoder allows you to enjoy super HD video playback, super smooth streaming and gaming experience.

It supports almost every video formats like AVI, DAT, H.264, H.265, ISO, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, Real 8/9/10, RM, VP8, VP9 and so on. It supports audio formats like AAC,FLAC,MP3,OGG,RM,WMA and photo formats like JPEG,JPG,PNG. It supports 5.1 Surround sound output.

Its updated decoding system offers you a great experience with your videos, streaming, audios and gaming.

Multi lingual support

SCISHION Model X supports various languages. You can access almost all common and frequently used languages throughout the world like English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and so on. So you can clearly understand SCISHION Model X is a global product and there will be no problem for language staffs. You can access it in your native language. So if you want to give a try with SCISHION Model X, you can consider without thinking where you are and your language.

External subtitle support

This is an interesting feature for you. It’s not an available feature everywhere and I find this great. SCISHION Model X is offering you smart external subtitle support for your videos and no more worries about worldwide streaming or movies.

Other functions

You have already seen the main features of SCISHION Model X. Besides its main features, it is offering you some extra features and obviously, they are interesting. Let’s take a look on them.

You can enjoy smooth streaming via SCISHION Model X as it is giving you Miracast support. As you have already seen it has superfast Wi-Fi and Ethernet support, you can enjoy buffer-less and HD streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Its DLNA support offers you to enjoy wireless streaming in your Big screen from the devices located in your home network like smartphone, Laptop, Tablet and so on. Its superfast 5 GHz Wi-Fi will make your wireless streaming more enjoyable.

Moreover, you will get one TV Box, one Remote Control, one HDMI Cable, one Power Adapter and an English Manual with SCISHION Model X package.


This is all about SCISHION Model X’s features and design and appearance. I find this whole package of SCISHION Model X amazing and there is nothing too bad to keep it in ignored list. Some special features like superfast wireless and wired connection, faster running system with android 8.1 operating system etc. will certainly make it better option. In a word, it’s a Tv box with incredible features, simple and user friendly interface. So, if you are interested in something like this, you can give a try with SCISHION Model X Tv Box.

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