A brief about SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 Oreo TV Box

Are you thinking of buying a new smart TV only because of you can’t watch anything online on your TV. It’s a great news for you, now you can turn any TV into a smart TV by just adding SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 TV Box into your TV set. SCISHION TV Box can be controlled by just using your smartphone, or you can use voice control, or you can use Bluetooth controller, it’s all up to you. The best part of SCISHION TV Box is, it comes with the latest Android 8.1 Oreo. Here i have discussed all about this magical Android TV Box and how you can play a video or play a game online.

TV BoxSoftware of the TV Box

SCISHION Box is the first TV box coming with android 8.1 Oreo. With just launch of Android 8.1 Oreo SCISHION Box has embedded first time with Android and Voice connectivity to have another user level experience. You will get a remote where you have to press the voice recognition button and search whatever you want from TV shows to movies, music, and weather etc. It will change the whole perspective of how you see your TV. Having a regular TV and a Smart TV is a real difference. If you are a person who is not attracted to your TV, then this is the best thing to go for.

Hardware of the SCISHION TV Box

The TV box is equipped with RK3328 ARM Cortex-A53 quad core processor. the four cores of this processor are clocked at 1.5 GHz frequency at the same time. The device has 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB eMMC ROM. The ROM is expandable up to 32GB, so that you can download whatever you like to store or record and watch them later when you want. SCISHION TV Box enables you to view original 4K HD content which is the highest definition of the video display. AI ONE Box supports HDR, when you press it you will get high definition content which is a feast to eyes. AI one performance is outstanding whether you want to watch a high-speed video or a simple still you will be amazed by the display.

Supporting Formats

64-bit operating system Firmware performance is very high, you will experience more entertaining surround. It will not only enhance the performance of processor but also the whole experience of watching TV. It can also decode traditional videos. Having 64-bit operating system allows the old TV to support 3D video transfer online. Due to this, it generates images with higher quality like HDR 10 high definition images. It supports decoder formats like 4K VP9, H.264, H.265, and HD MPEG1/2/4. The TV Box supports Video formats like  1080P, 4K, H.264, H.265, VC-1, VP8, and VP9 and Audio formats like  AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, and WMA. It can run photo formats like JPEG, JPG, and PNG. It also Supports 5.1 surround sound Output.

TV BoxConnective Features

For the wireless connections, this TV box has Wi-Fi b/g/n with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.0. When we go for ports the TV box has a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, 10/100 network connector, 3.5 mm audio jack, SPDIF, AV jack, and an HDMI 2.0a port. This TV-Box is controlled by a Bluetooth remote control. SCISHION TV Box comes with USB 3.0 Interface. USB 3.0 is capable of transferring data the speed of ten times higher than the USB 2.0. It can be used to transfer large files such as HD movie or HD song. The lower power consumption LED lights can optimize the TV Box to consume low power and give high performance.

With the lower power consumption Bluetooth 4.0, makes the whole box more efficient and faster. It allows you to connect any of the Bluetooth Device you want like Headphones, If you wish no one to come between you and your TV. You can enjoy Bluetooth Joysticks for the non-stop game playing and the Bluetooth speakers for whole time partying.

TV BoxPros and Cons


  1. The Android TV box has voice control recognition for simple navigation.
  2. This device is very compact in size and it is very easily portable.
  3. The device supports 4K quality videos.
  4. The TV Box comes with latest Android version 8.1 Oreo.
  5. Power consumption of the device is very low.


  1. This TV Box doesn’t have many color options to watch pictures of your choice.
  2. On the price range, the internal memory and RAM could be more.
  3. The device is not available everywhere.


Just plug and pace your TV box on the table and you are good to go. Installation of the TV box is very simple. You just have to give power supply and connect your TV box to TV and internet to start action. If you want to watch anything already stored in your USB then you can also do that by just plugging the USB into the port.

SCISHION AI Box is a powerful device to make your old TV into a Smart TV with lots of added full features. With the Android 8.1 whole scenario between the TV has changed. With this TV Box you can watch Netflix, YouTube, and Movies with your family on TV which everyone will like. The SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 TV Box is the Best TV box you can get in this price range. It is full worth of money and even it saves a lot from buying a new smart TV.

The TV box is available below $70 and it provides so many cool features. You can surely see this device as an alternative to a smart TV. On the above, i have tried my best to depict the full details of SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 Oreo TV box. I hope you might have got the information, what you were searching for. Stay with our website to know the latest gadgets reviews and news at the quickest possible time.



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