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10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online in India!

Being introduced in the developed western countries, the e-commerce industry is not confined to that region. Simultaneously with the immense growth of the business and the popularity, they have started their business in the developing nations like India, Bangladesh etc. Being an Indian, if you are an amateur as a customer of online shopping sites India, then you have landed on the right place to know the best way to save money in India to save few more bucks while using Indian online shopping sites.

So let’s dive into the topic in order to explore the top 10 money about how to save money in India in a detailed manner in the following:

  1. Look for promo codes: While purchasing any product on any of the Indian online shopping sites, it is not mandatory that you have to pay the listing price as there is no option for bargaining. Having the proper promo codes will make you eligible to be entitled to a certain discount amount. Finding the coupon codes is not as tough as finding the hidden treasure. Just head to websites like, etc. which are already working hard to aggregate all the coupon codes applicable to different e-commerce websites.
  2. First compare then purchase: Just like the method of shopping in the conventional offline shops, you have to first compare the price of the necessary goods among the different online shopping sites India to be aware of the least price offered by an e-commerce site. Otherwise, you may incur a huge loss by paying a higher amount of price. To do the comparison just enter into the price comparison websites like,, & etc. After seeing the entire comparison list, find out the e-commerce site which is offering the lowest price and purchase from there only.
  3. Gain cash back with the aid of 3rd party websites: The cash back is another way of saving money while you are shopping online. Apart from getting cash back from e-commerce sites through promo codes, there are many third-party websites like & which are ready to award you with a decent amount of cash back if you purchase goods via them only. Variation regarding the cash back amount depending upon the product category as well as the e-commerce site may be speculated.
  4. Utilize interest-free EMI option: In the recent days, in order to attract more number of customers, several Indian online shopping sites are offering interest-free EMI option while purchasing goods of high value. Though the credit card of a specific bank is a pre-requisite to avail this attractive offer, it will save more than 1000 bucks for sure. So while purchasing any costly product online, look for the free EMI option. If you meet all the condition to redeem that offer utilize it to save more.
  5. Use dedicated wallets of e-commerce sites: Now a day, some of the online shopping sites India have introduced dedicated semi-closed wallet for their customer to pay by using a more convenient way. By adding money to this wallet, the customers are entitled to get some extra cash backs directly from the end of the e-commerce site. So rather than paying directly from the bank account paying for the item after loading the wallet with cash from the bank will be a better approach.
  6. Stay updated with newsletter: Most of the Indian online shopping sites are publishing newsletters at a specific time interval not only in order to showcase their difference from the other companies but also to make the customer aware about their on-going deals as well as offers too. So staying updated with the published newsletters by subscribing them to get them directly into the mail inbox and use the available opportunities properly.
  7. Buy Gift card: In order to gain more publicity within the common people, many online shopping sites India have introduced specified gift card option. By paying the required amount for the Gift Card, you will get back some percentage of the paid amount as a loyalty bonus. In that case, you will make the net profit of few bucks. So apart from gifting purpose, purchasing the gift card for own use can be considered as a trick to save money online.
  8. Get the subscription of prime membership: To acquire a permanent customer base, some of the Indian online shopping sites have launched dedicated membership plan which will facilitate many exciting benefits like free delivery on every order irrespective of order amount, additional cash back, early opportunity to grab lightning deals etc. If you are a regular customer of a specific e-commerce website then you should follow this advice to increase the rate of saving as well as utilize the full benefit of the online shopping.
  9. Prioritize e-book over the printed copy: Due to the advancement of the technology, portable documents become very much trendy now a day. If you are comfortable to use e-books on your tablet, mobile or laptops then paying more bucks for getting printed version a book is not recommended. Always prefer to purchase e-books, kindles as these will be available at a lower rate than the printed books.
  10. Use online wallets as payment mode: Recently, many online wallets have introduced by several financial companies. For getting more popularity as well as increase the customer base, they have tied up with the Indian online shopping sites. For this reasons, being a customer you will get an additional rebate while paying through that specified online wallet in the respective e-commerce sites.

This is a brief view regarding how to save money in India while shopping online. I think you have understood well about all the methods of saving money while shopping online in India. Now, it’s your time to apply all the method in the practice field to experience the benefits. Don’t forget to share your experience in the following comment box after trying all the methods.


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