Samsung will launch a brand new smartphone O series soon

Even with the launch of Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung wants to extend its smartphone portfolio with the launch of a new handset series called Galaxy O. Although there are no release date details available concerning the upcoming Galaxy O series, we have received information that the very first devices that are going to be released bearing the Galaxy O name will be Galaxy O7 and Galaxy O5.

According to a source, Galaxy O5 is going to feature the model name SM-G550, while the better performing model, Galaxy O7 will possess the name SM-G600. Apart from this information, there are no other details available regarding the hardware configuration of both smartphones. However, we have seen the amount of success that Samsung accumulated thanks to placing its Exynos 7420 in its flagship smartphone series, so it is highly possible that the company will follow the same approach with its upcoming series.

Looking at how Snapdragon 810 was a complete failure on Qualcomm’s part to curb the overheating and thermal throttling effects of its flagship chipset, Samsung could move further away from the company’s chipset lineup and make huge amount of efforts to start making its own featuring different power levels. Looking at Galaxy O, we do not believe that the upcoming series will find a place amongst the flagship devices of Samsung.

Instead, they will be targeting the entry-level or mid-performing smartphone market and will most likely be carrying a much more affordable price tag. It is also possible that the upcoming series could be released during the second quarter of 2016. However, just because these devices are going to carry affordable price tags does not mean companies like Xiaomi are going to make things easy for them. The Chinese smartphone firm recently announced its Redmi Note 2, a smartphone capable of impressive processing firepower, and costs just $125.

We are going to have to see what is going to be the next plan of Samsung regarding its upcoming series.




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