Samsung Now Restores the Old Machine Galaxy Folder 2 to an Outstanding Design

The phone era has really changed! Today most phones are characterized by large screen which will surely be well protected by having the flip cover.  You do not need to worry about the flip covers; Samsung has manufactured a cheap Ultra 840 W series just for you!

Before it was announced that Samsung was going to launch a new product to help in covering the android galaxy folder 2 phones, I had a friend who was already using the model before its launch and he was really enjoying it!

Actually, Samsung’s latest design has managed to draw everyone’s attention despite the dispositions of the Galaxy Folder 2 being very ordinary. The design provides 3.7 inches 800×480 screen (support writing by hand input), carries the 1.4GHz Takamichi bold dragon 425 processor and 2GB memories.

The machine also provides a storage space of 16GB (support expansion), the camera combination for the pretage 5 million pixels + the post positioned 8 million pixels, the battery capacity is 1950mAh, the assemble Android 6.0.1 systems, supports 4G LTE and double caliper double to await.







s_5886acedd336486fa5299e49c84e1cddimage 4 image 5


image 6


image 7 image 8 image 10

image 11


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