Original Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card – Class 10 Now For $15.99/€14 (Free Shipping)

Experience the Best Class of memory cards with up to 100MB/s Transfer Speed

If you are in search of buying a MicroSD memory card, XiaomiToday has found you the best deal of the week. You can grab a Class 10 64GB MicroSD card for the best price on the internet. The Global Chinese store Zapals is selling the original Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card for the lowest price which is $15.99/14 euros with free shipping

Price Comparison

Aliexpress $17.59 + $3 shipping
Gearbest $27.73
Amazon $19.99
Zapals (Best Price) $15.99 (free shipping)

Here’s are the aspects of the SD cards you need to know which makes it a quick sale:

Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card – The Top 3 Reasons

1) 4-Proof Protection

The best selling point of Samsung SD cards is that they have an unbelievable durability. These SD memory cards have the 4-Proof Protection which means that this card can survive:

  • 72 hours in seawater
  • extreme temperature of -20 to 85°C
  • Airport x-ray machines
  • Magnetic fields equivalent to that of an MRI machine

Anyways, if it’s damaged under those conditions, we have the Samsung’s 10 years warranty to cover that up.

Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card 1

2) An Excellent Transfer Speed Up to 100MB/s

Samsung brags about the lightning fast speed of the Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card. The transfer rate is around 100MB/s, Samsung claims that this card can transfer a 3GB file in only 38 seconds. However, different capacities have different speeds but the 64GB has the best speed to offer which is better than 4GB,8GB, 16GB, and 32GB SD cards. Actually, all class 10 64GB SD cards have the same speed but they won’t be as cheap as this one.

Original Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card

3) An Effortless 4K Video Playback and Storage

Since 4K video recording takes the most space in smartphones and other devices, Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB memory card is the perfect memory sd for such 4K videos. With the 100MB/s transfer rate, it can easily read and write 4K video and runs it with no delays. Furthermore, 64GB storage is enough to store those videos and pictures for you.

Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card 2

Price & Availability

As we told you at the start, you can grab the original Samsung MicroSDHC EVO 64GB Memory Card on Zapals for a price of $15.99/14 euros. The shipping is absolutely free. Here’s the link to the store:



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