Samsung Employee Says Samsung Galaxy S8 Hardware Cost More than Xiaomi Mi 6 Price!

It appears that Xiaomi Mi family is no longer a budget-friendly. Especially when the latest successor ‘Xiaomi Mi 6’ no longer adhered 1999 yuan (0) price tag but went straight to 2499 yuan (3) after its release. Although¬†the flagship appears to be expensive as compared to its older brothers, still it’s the cheapest phone incorporating Snapdragon 835 along with 6GB RAM. It’s 2 times lesser the price of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Speaking of Galaxy S8, the Korean smartphone manufacturer’s spokesperson named ‘@ Blue Blue V’ on Weibo said:

Galaxy S8 hardware BOM cost more than the price of Xiaomi Mi 6

Samsung Weibo

To be clear, his statement indicates that the¬†cost of Galaxy S8 hardware should be more than 2,500 yuan ($363). Features such as the presence of heart rate sensor, an iris scanner, and waterproof chassis further supports this assertion. Still, considering the price of S8 hardware only to be equal to Xiaomi Mi 6 total price seems to be a complete lie. If it’s true then how come Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t top in performance. Why Xiaomi Mi 6 incorporates an overclocked SoC and 6GB dual channel RAM for a cheaper price? We hope that he better has something to support his argument.




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