Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test

The new flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, appear quite premium and aesthetically pleasing compared to predecessor Galaxy S series smartphones. Both the phones are flanked with glass panels on the front and rear sides. Their dual-edge curved screens occupy maximum portion of their front side. A Samsung Galaxy S8 drop test has been created by the folks at TechRax to reveal its durability. The same video also reveals the durability of the Red iPhone 7.

At the beginning of the video, a Red iPhone 7 is dropped from a height of 5 feet for a side-drop test. The iPhone was not damaged even though the screen of the iPhone had hit the ground. However, the red color at the bottom left corners of the phone was chipped off. Next, the Galaxy S8 is dropped from the same height for side-drop test. One of the top corners of the phone hit the floor very hard, but the Galaxy S8 did not receive any scratch on its front and rear sides. However, there was a slight discoloration on the corner of the phone that touched the ground first.

The front-facing drop test for the Red iPhone 7 cracked its screen. Also, the device could not start. The same frontal test for the Galaxy S8 caused damage to the screen. There are cracks on both the top corners of the phone. Its screen is not completely shattered, but the fall did result in the formation of spider web sort of lines on it. However, the phone did not switch off and its touchscreen worked fine.

Samsung is selling a wide range of protective cover and cases for the Galaxy S8 such as silicone cover, clear cover, keyboard cover, alcantara cover and the ugly 2Piece cover.  These accessories can help in protecting the screen of the Galaxy S8 from occasional drops. Hence, we suggest our readers that if they are planning to purchase the Galaxy S8 and S8+, it is advisable to invest on a protective gear to shield the front and rear glass panels of both phones.


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