Samsung Galaxy S9 – The Infinitely Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

The move to all-display screens and reduced bezels has presented a new challenge to manufacturers where the fingerprint sensor is now placed with the loss of the home button.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – The Infinitely Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

We already know the Galaxy S9 is undergoing an extensive redesign and Samsung’s plans for a foldable smartphone are highly ambitions, but that’s just the start.

There’s already been plenty of speculation that the S9 will include a new and exclusive Snapdragon 845 processor, making it faster than the current Galaxy S8.

Samsung is believed to have a struck up a deal with Qualcomm which will give the Galaxy S9 a period of exclusivity for the Snapdragon 845 processor.

So, in the first half of the year – the Galaxy S9 will be the only device to feature the 845.

The S9 will, no doubt, continue Samsung’s current tradition of producing market-leading smartphones but there could be one piece of bad news.

The latest rumour suggests Samsung is still struggling to master the technology that would allow them to embed the fingerprint scanner under the display.

It’s long been rumoured that this new security feature is in the works but it looks unlikely that the S9 will get a front-mounted scanner.

So that’s the bad news as the rear fingerprint recognition is one of the Galaxy S8’s worst features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

The South Korean company is reported to be working on an improved slow-motion technology for the S9, which will require a lot more light to be captured to allow for the heavy-duty processing. Using multiple lens elements and BBAR to reduce reflections would certainly allow more light to fall onto the sensor, and improve the quality of still photography into the bargain.

Samsung has pushed new camera technology with every release of a Galaxy S handset. 2018 should be no different. The slo-mo feature covers video, but being able to bring new lens technology to the smartphone platform will give Samsung a physical edge over the competition.

amsung Galaxy S9 Release Date:

The S9 is expected to be announced in February 2018, with a commercial release starting in March.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched at an even pricier £869, but we don’t think the base variant of the Galaxy S9 will go that high. The Note phones are typically powerhouse handsets that include bonus features (like an S-Pen stylus) that jack up the price, so we’re more convinced by pricing estimates of between £649 and £799 for the new Galaxy S9 devices.



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