Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batman Edition Leaked In Photos

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to be released on September 2. As usual, the Samsung Flagship will be packed with a number of powerful features, but today we don’t have to talk about this model, as before its launch, another version of this high-end phablet has leaked in photos. I don’t know whether you have heard about the batman version, but now it seems real. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batman Edition.

samsung galaxy note 7 batman edition (1)

A few months ago the net started buzzing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Batman Edition, and though many users didn’t catch why the 1st smartphone maker in the world had started such a campaign, the rest of users appreciate this decision regardless the fact whether they will get their hands on it or not. Now when we see the Galaxy Note 7 Batman Edition hands on photos, I can guess what a sensation they will make.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batman seems to be a quite acceptable device with a list of attractive features. Looking at the spotted photos we can clearly see that it will sport 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Have you ever seen a Samsung phablet with such features? I guess no. Unfortunately, the rest of features remain unknown that can mean Samsung has decided to keep them as they were in the original version.

As for the design, the Batman Edition, we can notice that it has a Batman logo on the back, a corresponding wallpaper a list of apps in the same logic. Even the keyboard has been redesigned to correspond Batman’s style.

No one still knows how much it will cost, but taking into account the fact the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 Batman Edition was around 6288 yuan, 600 yuan more than the regular version, we can assume the same will happen for the Galaxy Note 7 Batman Edition. Thus prepare more than $900, if you want to go to the Gotham City.


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