Samsung Bio Processor: The Perfect Health Measurement

For all of us, nothing is more important then our health. Thus, we choose only the best for our health. Considering the best for your health, Samsung made a processor known as ‘Samsung Bio Processor’. So far this seems to be the best bio processor among it’s kind.

Samsung Bio Processor

What is a Bio Processor?

Well, it’s just like an ordinary processor, but instead of processing any technical information, it only processes biological/health factors.

5 points which makes Samsung Bio Processor the Superlative one

Samsung is really up to something big, something that will revolutionize the wearable. That’s why they have assembled Samsung Bio processor, to integrate in the whole new series of wearable, whose ruling purpose is health and fitness. The company wants to make these wearable perfect as far as they can. In other words, they want more accurate readings, readings same as of professional health equipment.

Samsung Bio Processor Functions

It will focus on five points that are key to health: stress level, body temperature, blood pressure, body fat and skeletal muscle mass.

To further improve the measurement, bio processor aslo uses the Bioelectic Impedance Plethysmography or in simple words Electrocardiography and Galvanic Skin Response.

What makes Samsung Bio Processor Extra Special?

The processor seems to be integrated mostly in wearable like Bracelets, Smartwatches, but not smartphones. The Bio processor is created to track multiple and dynamic biometrics at a vary moment.

Samsung Bio Processor

In addition, as highlighted from the Korean manufacturer, Samsung Bio processor is the first to combine data recording with analysis from different points of view.

The integration of health monitoring functions with MCU, DSP, AFE, power management and security units in a single chip has significantly reduced the footprint of Samsung”s Bio-Processor.

Samsung Bio Processor

The project is simple and clear, and the project seems to launch before the summer in the market. The vice president of marketing for this company, K. Ben Hur said:

The Samsung Bio-Processor, can process five different biometric signals. The chip is the most versatile control of health and physical activity available in the market today and is expected to open new service options based on the health of our customers.

We all have to wait and check whether it will become the world’s best bio processor or not.




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