Samebike MYSM26 350W 48V Electric Bicycle offered for $718.99

Electrical or motorized support on a bicycle can never be wrong. The Samebike MYSM26 350W 48V Electric Bicycle provides a Shimano 21 gear shift and has a pretty long range thanks to the 386Wh lithium-ion battery. Up to 80km are possible in assisted mode.

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Impression & technical details

The Samebike MYSM26 350W 48V Electric Bicycle in black with red highlights already looks chic. The aluminum rims look sporty and modern and are strikingly pretted up with the red / white stickers. These stickers will certainly not last forever if you should drive through all weather conditions. The bike itself uses 26-inch tires that are operated by simple disc brakes with a Bowden cable. Of course, hydraulic disc brakes would be significantly better, but the cheap solution is normal for cheap bicycles of all kinds. The integrated motor has an output of 350 watts and, according to some information on the network, should accelerate the bike to a maximum of 30 km / h. It only worked for me up to 25km / h, which according to the guidelines in Germany may also be the maximum speed for a normal e-bike. In addition, you could also ride S-Pedelecs that can travel up to 45km / h. However, these require a moped license plate, a helmet requirement and a corresponding driving license must also be available.



The lithium ion battery (18650, 8AH) has 386Wh capacity (48V), is lockable and removable for easy loading at home. Depending on the support set, your own weight and the type of surface you are driving, this does not have to happen too often. The range is specified by the manufacturer with up to 80 km, but then realistic are probably 50-60km. However, I could not enjoy this route in my test period, because the distances and distances are too short for me. Then there is also the moped mode for the “lazy” workforce, i.e. the fully automatic movement with the throttle. It works just as well, but accelerates me with my weight (96kg) but then only to a maximum speed of 22km / h. Here the range should be 30-45km. I consider 30 km to be the maximum, because the voltage of the battery drops faster when in moped mode. Of course, you can also pedal very economically using muscle power.



Driving experience & speed

The weight of the e-bike is 20kg and the maximum load is 150kg. The spring on the front fork is adjustable and therefore well suited for somewhat heavier riders. The disc brakes can be adjusted manually if the braking distance or the braking force is not sufficient. The initial squeak also fades over time. The height of the seat is unfortunately not adjustable. The Shimano 21 gear shift can be switched comfortably with your thumb, causes little problems there, but is always audible when driving due to slight grinding noise / rattling. Switching over the 3 large sprockets does not always run so smoothly. I hardly need to change it. In most cases, switching between the 7 rings on the rear wheel is sufficient for me.


If you switch on one of the 5 levels of support, you feel the pressure forwards and you can quickly reach a speed of 15 / 16km / h. It is then quickly necessary to shift up the gears. If you use the 5 selectable engine levels, depending on your own weight and surface, you will reach a maximum speed of 25km / h in my case. If the electric motor starts, you can hear it. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, but if you have a direct comparison to the significantly higher quality and more expensive Bosch motors, that’s already striking. You can also feel the difference with the suit in supporting the respective levels. But the better e-bikes tend to cost twice as much. On the LC display on the steering wheel, I can read all the relevant information about the current speed, distance traveled, the set modes or the battery level.


Overall, I like the workmanship. All cables that are led into the housing are sheathed and protected from abrasion by a rubber cap on the housing. A suitable cable hose would have been optically a little nicer, instead it was limited to cable ties. With a switchable LED front light, reflectors on the pedals and under the seat and even an acoustic horn, everything important is available. Only a rear light is missing on the bike. The driving experience itself is good, the gear shift is easily audible, and usually switches well. Only with the 3 large sprockets does it not always work so smoothly when switching. Here you have also installed the cheapest solution of the Shimano Tourney TZ series.

The suit when switching on the support is good and noticeable, helps to save muscle strength and is easy to hear (even for bystanders, certainly not wrong).The fully automatic mode can be heard loudest during operation, it also consumes significantly more battery capacity, but for me it does not quite reach the 25km / h.
The Samebike e-bike (MYSM26) is certainly an interesting and above all cheaper option for everyday life. It is certainly not perfect, but you could make adjustments. However, when it comes to accessories or spare parts, it currently looks poor. Many platforms offer the bikes, but no shop offers spare parts or replacement batteries. However, I do not know whether the cheaper import e-bikes that are already sold in Germany are really better. However, if you take into account the price of € 650 from the EU warehouse, the overall package is still consistent. There is still a drop of bitterness: The engine power is too high with 350Watt (according to the regulation only 250W are allowed) and the fully automatic moped mode is not allowed with simple e-bikes either. Alternatively, there should be the possibility to register the bike as an S-Pedelec.

Where to buy The Samebike MYSM26 350W 48V Electric Bicycle

The Samebike MYSM26 350W 48V Electric Bicycle is available on Gearbest for $718.99



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