Vivibright J20 DLP 4K Home Entertainment Projector at $642.99


Vivibright is the new range in the market. This company is setting the bars high and satisfying its customers from a very long time. The extensive range of the products produced by Vivabright is efficient, simple and convenient to operate. Taking care of the demand of the fast-growing world, Vivibright brings J20 DLP home entertainment projector. This projector is way better than the traditional projectors in the market.


Design and functioning

The Vivibright J20 DLP projector is inclusive of 1920*1080P DLP display technical solutions with RGB+B multi-colour hybrid LED. The display of the projector is full HD. The RGB+B multi-colour hybrid LED light source owns 0.33-inch DLP DMD panel size. It is combined with horizontal and vertical lines of 1920P and 1080P lines as mentioned above for unimaginable and crystal clear image quality. It also supports 4K resolution.

Further, you can also enjoy up to 300-inch big screen size with full HD physical resolution to have a just cinema-like-feel just being at home.  The colour brightness of this projector is 1,000 ANSI lumens. The Vivabright projector also gives 30,000:1 contrast ratio which helps you to see every minor detail.


The Vivibright is powered by Android OS. With the help of android OS, you can download any online app via Wi-Fi connection and easily play your favourite movies or shows on YouTube or Netflix. It is easy to use and supports voice search and chrome cast as well.

The J20 portable DLP projectors are the best choice for professional use as well. You can carry to the office for meetings, presentation, PPT SHOW etc. The various features like audio-visual features, flexible connectivity options and an affordable price, the J20 projector is an ideal option to choose.  Built-in 5700 mAh Li-on battery let the J20 frees you from setup hassles, poor wireless connection and more.

Powered by android os

You can connect the J20 projector to various devices including digital cameras, smartphones, laptops etc. you can also play games, watch shows and more by connecting the J20 to various media devices. Also, the projector is maintenance-free with an environmentally friendly LED light source that lasts up to 50,000 hours,

This J20 projector simply fits your life and male it better. Click on the link below and grab your home theatre.

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