Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Offered for $50.12

One of the best products most desired are the headphones, as they allow users to listen to their favorite songs without interruption and anywhere, while preventing others from bothering, because of that, many companies have dedicated themselves to Launch your own line of these products. Now, one of the most popular of the moment is the Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless, which have a special offer currently presented by the Amazon online store. 

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Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless offer: Design 

Over the years, the design of these types of devices has varied considerably, as they become smaller, more functional and easy to transport, in the case of the Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless , we have an ergonomic product with design Half ear, which adapts perfectly to the user’s ear, ensuring stability when walking, running and even playing sports .

Another relevant aspect of its design is that it has a total of 4 color presentations for all types of users. In addition to that, not only the headphones come in the package, since a 750mAh charging case , 1 USB Type-C charging cable , 1 storage bag, 2 pairs of earmuffs and 1 user manual are also included. 

Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless - Design

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Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless offer:  Specifications 

The  Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless  is a device that not only stands out for its ergonomic design that offers great comfort at the time of use, but also has a series of very interesting specifications to fully enjoy any music that is being heard . The proof of this is that it has a fairly good noise cancellation system, so all outside sounds will not interfere with the experience.

In addition to this, this product comes with a 750mAh charging box ,  which gives them up to 4 recharges, since each hearing aid has a 60mAh battery that manages to offer up to 6 hours of autonomy.

Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless - Features

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As if this were not enough, once they are finished charging, when they are removed from the charging compartment, they will turn on automatically and with this, they will be connected directly via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile device, in this way you can manipulate the headphones directly from the phone. In addition to that, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, you will have a higher speed of information transmission at the same time, which has a lower power consumption.

Availability and price of  Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Wireless

The Sabbat X12 Pro TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is currently available on Gearbnest for just $50.12 and on Banggood for $69.99



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