Sabbat E12 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset now for $67.99

The Sabbat E12 Bluetooth headset is a wireless system that comes in the form of Earbuds. It works on TWS technology and contains the electroplating process to create powerful and enjoyable moments with your favorite songs.

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It uses Bluetooth 5.0 that is accessible from the distance of 10m with full clear and quality audio. Therefore, the material is made of strong stuff. It will prevent your ears from pain while playing for a long time.

Hence, the Sabbat E12 TWS Bluetooth earphone is a great mixture of quality and suitable for driving, jogging, running, and many other tasks because of its sweat proof nature.


Color and Design

With E12 Bluetooth headphone comes in a variety of color options for you. Pick your favorite color and fascinate your music world. You can go for Bronze, Silver, Red, Coffee or Cadetblue as per your aspirations.

Further, the design is quite handy and the low-weight will make it easy to use the earphones for a longer time. The ABS material provides a supersonic outlook and makes it ready to go beyond your expectations.


Most importantly, the E12 TWS earphones are not only meant to play your songs, but also used as a microphone, song switching is also possible, and volume control feature.

Ultimately, this will enhance your sessions as you do not need to hold your mobile again and again.

Multiple-Device Connectivity

You are fully free to use your E12 TWS headphones with many of the devices such as a tablet, mobile, laptop etc. Therefore, the device is ready to perform on all devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Why E12 headphones are called as wireless because of the Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect any of your gadgets via Bluetooth wireless connection. In addition, it can catch your device from the distance of 10m.


This can be the major feature as the sweat proof nature of the E12. Hence, you can use it while running, biking, jogging, gym, and hiking etc.


The case of the E12 TWS Bluetooth headphone contains a powerful battery with a charging time of 1 hour. The standby time is 100 hours and the music time is 3 hours. Similarly, you can enjoy talk time up to 2 hours with a single charge.

Where to buy:

The E12 TWS wireless headset will cost you for $67.99 on Gearbest. Click here to buy now:




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