SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro: Which is the Best True Wireless Earbuds?

Like the quote goes, “Without music, life would be a mistake”! There are many companies who are trying to make our lives better by enabling us to listen to music through some amazing sound machines. In recent times True Wireless Earbuds having been taking up the market like a storm. It’s the user experience that these devices tend to deliver, that makes these buds “perfectly convenient”. In-fact once you use a TWS, you would never want to shift back to the regular earphones. Anyways today we’re going to compare two amazing TWS earbuds – SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro. These two are kind-off the “underdogs of TWS market”.

The SABBAT E12 is comparatively the latest add-on to the Sabbat True Wireless Series. There are a lot of things that you’ll have to consider before purchasing a true wireless earbud from design, convenience, battery to how it sounds. Music tends to serve a lot of purpose. From motivating you during some workouts to helping you stay focused while working. True Wireless earbuds are the ultimate way to experience flawless music without any hassle. In-fact you can wear them all day and make your entire day feel like a “soundtrack”. Anyways it’s time for us to find whether the SABBAT E12 has what it takes to defeat the SABBAT X12 PRO.


What’s inside the box?

When it comes to true wireless earbuds, design and convenience matters a lot. Fortunately SABBAT is a company that puts user experience and design as their ultimate priority. You would know how much they value presentation as soon as you receive the SABBAT E12 True Wireless Earbud. It is brilliantly packed in a minimal box with a lot of earbuds and a charging bin neatly arranged. I just loved the fact that how much effort they’ve put into just presenting them. Instead they could’ve simply gone for okayish packaging and saved some manufacture cost but fortunately they did go a step ahead.

You’re provided with 6 pairs of eartips on the SABBAT E12 with which you can play around to find your right fit in order to avoid audio leakage. On the other had with the SABBAT X12 Pro you’re just provided with the stock eartips. Although they’ve compensated that by providing you with two silicone fin shark rubber ear plugs which can help the SABBAT X12 Pro. Which will help you to tightly fit the X12 Pro Earbuds on your ear-rest, while working out in the gym.

Design: SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro TWS

In-terms of design, the major difference is the angled ear-tips. With the SABBAT X12 Pro there was a huge issue with the placement of the buds on your ear rest. While using, I had them falling off at several times. Although you are provided with a fin shark rubber protector on the SABBAT X12 which will help you to solve this issue. Luckily in-stock, this has been taken care with the SABBAT E12.

Talking about the design, the SABBAT E12 comes in a glossy finish charging bin. They feel sturdy but nothing unique. I hate the fact that the BIN provided with the SABBAT E12 is made up with a glossy plastic which means it is prone to scratches and finger print smudges. On the other hand the SABBAT X12 PRO comes in a matte finish bin. Which is definitely lot better when coming to dust and smudge resistance. Other than the material, the placement of the USB C connector and the battery indicator is same on both the SABBAT E12 and SABBAT X12 PRO Charging Bins.

Look-wise there isn’t much of a difference between the X12 Pro and the E12 SABBAT. Although the E12 is quite lighter and comfortable to wear for a longer time when compared to the X12 PRO. The SABBAT E12 True Wireless Earbud comes in 5 different colors and definitely has a unique style. Cut-Short design-wise the SABBAT E12 is lighter, comfortable and has more color options when compared to the X12 PRO.

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Battery: SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro

On an average with usual usage I got easily up-to 6-8 Hours of music playback on the SABBAT E12 TWS. Also apart from the bud’s power, you’ll be getting 4 more charges with the charging bin. Thereby you can experience around 30 hours of music playback on the SABBAT E12. I’m so glad that you’re not getting another TWS with a micro USB on the charging bin. With the SABBAT E12 and the X12 Pro you’ll be getting a USB Charging bin. Which takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.

Just like the Apple AirPods 2, the SABBAT E12 also supports wireless charging and just costs you half the price.

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Audio Performance: SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro

Now let’s talk about the internals. The company claims to have integrated an Intelligent Noise Reduction chip on both the E12 SABBAT and the X12 PRO. The chip uses their unique noise reduction algorithm to eliminate noise. It’s more like the noise reduction functionality that you get with most of the audio editing software. Although this happens real-time on both these earbuds with a dedicated noise reduction chip. Thereby you’ll experience high-definition lossless sound quality. This makes the SABBAT E12 and X12 PRO as a great choice of TWS that has no issues in making calls. This feature has been overlooked in many TWS out there in the market.

Let me put it straight. The SABBAT E12 TWS sounds so much better when compared to the X12 PRO TWS. I’m really not bragging, the buds just blew me away when I wore them for the first time. I definitely didn’t expect the SABBAT E12 True Wireless Earbuds to sound this good. The extra ear-tips just acted like some sort of equalizer. I was able to experience different level of tonal range and bass when I played around with changing the ear-tips. Although listen up vocal-audiophiles, these buds aren’t for you. These are bass heavy but doesn’t submerge the vocals or instruments. Just that it isn’t perfect for country music or blues.

Conclusion: SABBAT E12 vs X12 Pro

Apple charges $200 for an average sounding AirPods. While the SABBAT E12 TWS is just for $67.99. It’s just not the price-slash that makes the SABBAT E12 a great choice but the performance and quality it offers for this brilliant price-tag. Also guess what! Even the E12 TWS Supports wireless charging with its brand new case. In-fact they sound much better than most of the expensive True Wireless Earabuds. Anyways if you feel that the SABBAT E12 is a deal breaker then head on-to the following link to purchase your buds and do-comeback to share your feedback on the comments below.

Buy SABBAT E12 True Wireless Earphone:

Price: $67.99 (FLASH SALE)

Buy SABBAT X12 PRO True Wireless Earphone:

Price: $55.69


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