Sabbat E12 Ultra TWS Earphone Review: Truly Wireless Headphone

Wireless earphones are a charm to enhance your digital world with a higher level of excitement and entertainment. The Sabbat E12 Ultra Bluetooth Headphone is truly TWS headset to manage your audio and music needs professionally. Here we have compiled a descriptive review of the wireless device to cater to your ultimate purpose.

The Sabbat E12 Ultra assumes fantastic design and an affordable price tag to strengthen its user base. Further, the Bluetooth 5.0 version goes to improve the overall sound functionality within a radius of 10 meters.

Sabbat E12 ultra

It paves the way with relatively comfortable ear fit because the company offers different ear caps for various ear size. Coming with stable and breathable design, it conquers the sports goals to enjoy the music-rich moments on the field.

The Sabbat E12 Ultra TWS Earphone: Features at a Glance

The Sabbat E12 Ultra Headphone comes in a Silver color body with inbuilt battery and Bluetooth 5.0 configurations. Further, the charging box supports wireless charging technology means no wired complexions are here too.

The E12 Ultra headset provides incredible sound quality using punching bass and luscious mids. It also adopts a noise-cancelling feature for pure sound output and performance.

Sabbat E12 ultra

For wireless connectivity, the Sabbat E12 Ultra installs Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 smart chipset. It will create astonishing connectivity with your smartphone to facilitate you within 10 meters radius.

On the other hand, headphone keeps a charging case with a Type-C charging interface along with wireless assistance. It is a 750 mAh 3.7V battery box to empower the earphones of 60 mAh each.

Furthermore, the E12 follows a very straight-forward one-button control approach. By pressing it, you can accept/reject calls and double pressing on the right ear will skip the track and on the left ear will go back.

Ultimately, the Sabbat E12 Ultra headphone is a decent and fairly small device to carry. The plastic material is fingerprint-prone. However, the case acts as protection against falls and scratches.

The Sabbat E12 Ultra TWS Bluetooth Earphone Review: Full Features and Specifications in Detail

Headphones are the compulsory tools for music output today. In the way, wireless headphones become even more attractive eliminating wired troubles.

Therefore, the E12 Ultra is truly wireless headset to enjoy on the go. Following is the description of features of Sabbat E12 Ultra earphone to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build

When it comes to the design, the Sabbat E12 Ultra Earphones are stylish with small earbuds. They have a glossy metallic body and ergonomic skin but slightly fingerprint-prone. Small earbuds don’t protrude much out of ears and deliver comfortable wearing for a long time.

There are numerous color choices for the buyers – Copper, Black, Purple, Green, Red, and Silver etc.

Sabbat E12 ultra

Further, the Sabbat E12 Ultra is a lightweight device and good to use in sports. Its breathable and portability allows you to use in running, walking, or any other outdoor activity.

In the box, you will get the Sabbat E12 Ultra Headset, USB Charging Case, Type-C charging cable and a user guide. Physically, the headphones measure at 25.5x19x18 mm and the charging box measures 58x40x30.6 mm. Overall Weight is 280g.


Well, the Sabbat E12 Ultra is a truly wireless headphone set to come with a charging box in addition. So, for a wireless connection, the headset has the Bluetooth 5.0 installation. You can connect your earphone with any of the Bluetooth-enabled devices to enjoy the time.

Unfortunately, users can’t pair the headset with multiple devices at the same time. Once, you have developed a connection with your smartphone, now you can only approach another device after disconnecting the existing one.

Sabbat E12 ultra

Now, what is the wireless connection range of the E12 Ultra? It looks amazing as you can listen to quality sound effect within the same room or apartment. On average, you need to be within a radius of 10 meters from your smartphone.

Sabbat E12 ultra

The higher latency rate can be another drawback of the headset. It is not ideal for watching videos as images and sound doesn’t match properly. Overall, the wireless connection is a great prospect in this sole wireless headset.


In order to enjoy quality time on either occasion, you need a good battery backup, especially during outings. In the case of the Sabbat E12 Ultra, we found average battery time on a single charge.

It is disappointing that the company has touted the headset to last for 6 hours, but we have played the device only for 4 hours on a single charge. This is not a fair justice for a truly wireless headphone.

Sabbat E12 ultra

But the best part it takes only an hour to fuel up the 750 mAh battery in the charging case. Moreover, the case involves 4 charges for the earbuds as each earbud contains a 60 mAh battery.

As per the charging technology, the Sabbat E12 Ultra follows wired as well as wireless charging. Once you store the earbuds in the case, they will start getting charged automatically. The charging case also has a Type-C port for wired charging.

The Sabbat E12 Ultra Earphone Review: Microphone

Notably, the Sabbat E12 Ultra has integrated microphone to listen to the phone calls etc. It has excellent speech recording in a calm environment but doesn’t work as good in loud situations like market etc.

Sabbat E12 ultra

Sound Quality

On performance, the Sabbat E12 Ultra earphones are good at different patterns. The bass performance is amazing and well extended. It moves to add excess bump and rumble, which are general to bass heavy-genres.

Further, the headphones work on a small bump in low mid to generate excellent sound quality. The low-base is 4.25 dB, mid-base is 2.94 dB, and high-base is 3.73 dB.

Sabbat E12 ultra

Ultimately, the device ensures exciting sound profile because of its overemphasized bass and uneven treble range.


The Sabbat E12 Ultra TWS Earphone is budget equipment with lots of advanced features and ergonomic design. It is available for INR 3,645.94 after 39% off on the Geekbuying store. Click to buy now:



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