Rwatch R10 Review: Smartwatch for Active People

Apart from timekeeping, early smartwatch models helped users in basic day-to-day duties, such as calculations. Now, however, smartwatches have become much more than just “computerized wristwatches.” Over time, they have drastically developed to become extensions of our smartphones; in other words – wearable computers. Unfortunately, forking up a huge amount of money for an Apple Watch is beyond the scope of what many of us can afford, and as such, many companies have created more economical smart watch alternatives for a much lower price. One such example is the smartwatch Rwatch R10 that currently sells from $30 to $80 USD on many online stores.

Front side of the Rwatch R10 smartwatch held in hand

We will be honest; we did not expect much from this product based only on the price alone. After all, a price is usually indicative of a product’s performance, so we were interested to see what a budget smartwatch would give us and here is what we have found.


Before we start with the detailed review of the Rwatch R10 smartwatch, please take a look at the device specification table:


2.5D capacitive touch panel

Screen resolution

240 x 240 px

Screen size


Built-in chip type


Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 4.0

SIM card slot

Micro SIM


32 M

Storage capacity

128 M

Battery type


Battery capacity

3.7 V / 380 mAh

Operating system

iOS, Android

OS Compatibility

Android 3.0 / iOS 5.0 and above

Available color

Champagne Gold, Cool Black, Moonlight Silver


Bluetooth calling, Heart tracker, Remote control, Notification alert, Anti-lost, Find phone, Calendar, Calculator, Compass, Stopwatch and Alarm

Product weight & size

Product size (L x W x H)

10.22 x 1.49 x 0.47 inches / 26 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm

Package size (L x W x H)

4.72 x 4.72 x 3.93 inches / 12 x 12 x 10 cm

Product weight

0.064 kg

Package weight

0.264 kg


After you start unboxing your Rwatch R10 smartwatch, you will find the following things inside the box:

1X Rwatch R10 smartwatch

1X USB cable

1X Chinese & English manual

Rwatch R10 opted to pack the R10 smartwatch into a simple white cardboard box, with the company logo on the front side, and the device’s specifications on the back side.

Even though you can rely on intuition how to use the R10, it is good to see that Rwatch has not provided documentation only in the Chinese language and that English instructions are also available.

Rwatch R10 Design

We were pleasantly surprised at the appearance of the watch. The Rwatch R10 comes in three different colors: cool black, silver moonlight, and champagne gold. Here are the variations:

Three different colors of the Rwatch R10 Silver Moonlight, Cool black and Champagne gold
We received a Champagne gold model

The style of the Rwatch R10 is pretty typical, just because rectangular or square interfaces generally allow more space for the functional operations. The power button, microphone, charging port and SIM card slot are located directly on the sides of the watch. The silicone elastic band is comfortable to wear, and the watch unit itself is lightweight.

Holding in hand rectangular shaped Rwatch R10 smartwatch


The standard 240 x 240-pixel touchscreen which covers 1.54-inches in size is framed by a harder casing. Viewing angles of the R10 smartwatch are good, which means no matter from which angle you are looking at the screen, you will get an excellent view.

Simply R10 is a complete fusion of technology and style with a silicone strip and beautifully designed body. You can wear this smartwatch for all kind of occasions; it looks good, and as well it will give you accurate info of your daily activities.

Checking out the display of the Rwatch R10 smartwatch

Screen Aesthetics

When the Rwatch R10 is on, the actual digital interface is also decent. There are some graphics that some users could do without – for example, the blue butterfly that appears when you are switching on the device – but all in all, the brightness and colors of the screen are not bad for a budget smartwatch. We expected to see some pixelization, but it is mostly only visible in the lettering when you are typing a text message.

Aesthetics of the Rwatch R10 smartwatch, blue butterfly


Apart from the obvious, a lot of functionalities come with the R10 smartwatch, including a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer, compass, remote camera, etc. Some of these features might look unnecessary if you are only using the smartwatch for making calls and sending text messages. But, we really like having these options available.

Besides serving as an expansion of your smartphone, the Rwatch R10 can also double as a fitness tracker in a sense. It is also compatible with a range of devices, as long as they are running an iOS 5.0 or Android 3.0 and above operating system.

Conecting Rwatch R10 smartwatch with smartphone

Connecting the smartwatch to your smartphone is also super easy with Bluetooth, and the audio quality (when listening to music and taking calls) is quite good. The biggest difficulty  regarding the performance is the keyboard. Because of the screen size, it is kind of hard to type a text message since the buttons on the screen are pretty small. But, we will admit that the keyboard definitely performs better than what you would expect. Yes, you could end up hitting a few unwanted characters, but for the most part, you can put together a message without putting too much effort.

Menu and Features

The menu proves the complexity and the versatility of this smartwatch. Scrolling through three R10’s screens, the listed Rwatch functions cover different needs. Unfortunately, only three features are shown on the main screen, when using the digital watch face: Pedometer, Calls, and Bluetooth options. A Menu button is also displayed there, together with the Connect and Disconnect option.

Menu and many interesting features on the Rwatch R10 smartwatch
Bluetooth Dialing – should you decide not to insert a microSIM card into the Rwatch R10 to make it truly independent, you can always have the calls sent from your smartphone to the smartwatch over Bluetooth.

SIM Card Texting and Calling: In tandem with a microSIM card, the R10 shows its real capabilities. Calling and sending texts is relatively easy, but you shouldn’t do either of these when walking on the street or when driving.

Heart Rate Monitor is one of the features that has to be started and stopped manually. While the heart rate sensor works in real time, the refresh rate on the smartwatch isn’t that great, as the value is displayed about once a second. The fact that the screen doesn’t stay on when the heart rate monitor is running is also a major downside.

Fitness and Sleep Tracking: Both of these functions are done using an accelerometer. A gyroscope could have been helpful too so that the display turns on when making a wrist gesture. Currently, users have to press the Power button to see what the time is. About sleep and fitness tracking, those are done using simple estimations, so you shouldn’t expect extreme accuracy.

Compass – If you are into trekking, but you don’t have any GPS software on your device, a compass feature might prove helpful. It might take a while calibrating it, but after that, it runs rather accurately.

Find Phone: Considering that you have misplaced your phone, but it’s still within Bluetooth range, you can find it using this function.

Remote Camera: The days when you had to ask someone else to take a picture of you and your friends are gone. Now you just have to enter this function from your smartwatch, place the smartphone within Bluetooth range and control the camera’s shutter remotely with it.

Music Playback Control: The music player on your smartphone can be controlled by using the R10’s playback control function. The options are rather limited, but as avid music listeners, we found this feature to be very handy. Moving to the previous or next track is quick and easy, you can also play or pause the current song.

Phonebook and Call Log: Having the log handy can save you the time you would otherwise spend looking through the 1,000 entries of the phone book.


The Rwatch R10 relies on Bluetooth version 4.0 to sync data with your smartphone. While using an SIM card to send text messages and place calls, the R10 uses 2G networks. Implementing 4G or 3G might have been more difficult, and to be honest, high-speed connections are useless if there is no software to make a good use of them.

Installing the required applications on the Rwatch R10 smartwatch

Using a QR code that’s displayed on the phone when accessing a menu item, people can download the companion app. However, the website where the app is hosted is very slow, so we would recommend you to get the app straight from the Google Play Store.

Battery life

A 380 mAh / 3.7 V Li-polymer battery keeps the R10 smartwatch going. Of course, a battery life depends on the usage patterns of each person, but without an SIM card inserted in the slot and with several notifications a day, you should expect after two days of use before the battery runs out.

Our opinion

The Rwatch R10 smartwatch is far from being perfect since it lacks some functions. But, at this price point, this smartwatch has a lot to offer. Besides the ability to place or take calls, and send text messages using an included microSIM slot, the Rwatch R10 also sports a compass and a heart rate monitor, which definitely set it apart.

We have prepared several online stores that are currently selling it for a really great price:

Get Rwatch R10 from for $31.96 USD / 208.6 CNY

Get Rwatch R10 from for $78.99 USD / 515.5 CNY

What do you think about this smartwatch? Would you buy it? Write us your opinion in the comment section bellow.

Rwatch R10 Scores:
  • Design - 7.5/10
  • Display - 7.5/10
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Storage - 7/10
  • Battery - 6.5/10
User Rating 1.8 (5 votes)


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