Rubik’s cube Tablet iwork1X Review [Coupon Inside]

Remember November 9 cool cube together Liu Yan’s Dou Dou live event, the protagonist of the live is cool than the cube new Tablet PC iwork1X. Think of it for Liu Yan to do publicity, presumably iwork1X price will not be cheap. However, the opposite is true, iwork1X official price is only $ 189.99, just amazing, at least to see the price I was very surprised, and that some do not understand. Cool than why such a pricing is not high product cost so much publicity?

Throughout the current Tablet PC market, just like the original DVD, EVD market, there is a certain amount of users, there are some potential users, but the lack of bright spots, after all, a product of the hardware program has decided more than half, Manufacturers can play the space margin is not much, so cool than the need to create bright spots from the outside, causing a large number of potential users of attention or even buy.

The price is low enough, there are bright spots, then the product performance what? With such a question, I began to experience this iwork1X.

Tablet PC iwork1X: Full Specification

Basic Information Brand: Cube
Type: Tablet PC
OS: Windows 10
CPU Brand: Intel
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8350
GPU: Intel HD Graphic(Gen8)
Core: 1.44GHz
Storage RAM: 4GB
External Memory: TF card up to 128GB (not included)
Network Support Network: WiFi
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Bluetooth: Yes
Display Screen type: Capacitive,IPS
Screen size: 11.6 inch
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Camera Camera type: Single camera
Front camera: 2.0MP
Connectivity TF card slot: Yes
USB Host: Yes (USB 3.0)
Micro USB Slot: Yes
Mini HDMI: Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
General Battery Capacity(mAh): Built-in 4.35V / 8500mAh Lithium ion polymer battery
Battery / Run Time (up to): 5 hours video playing time
AC adapter: 100-240V 5V 2A
Material of back cover: Plastic
G-sensor: Supported
Skype: Supported
Youtube: Supported
Speaker: Built-in Dual Channel Speaker
MIC: Supported
Office 365: Support (Not Downloaded)
Charging LED Light: Supported
Media Formats Picture format: BMP,GIF,JPEG,JPG,PNG
Music format: 3GP,AAC,ALAC,MP3,OGG,WMA
Video format: 1080P,3GP,AVI,MKV,MP4,WMA,WMV
MS Office format: Excel,PPT,Word
E-book format: DOC,Excel,PDF,PowerPoint,TXT,Word
Languages Pre-installed Language: Windows OS is built-in Chinese and English, and other languages need to be downloaded by WiFi.
Additional Features Additional Features: Bluetooth,E-book,Gravity Sensing System,HDMI,MP3,MP4,WAP,Wi-Fi
Dimensions Product size: 29.96 x 18.06 x 1.02 cm / 11.8 x 7.11 x 0.4 inches
Package size: 32.00 x 21.00 x 4.00 cm / 12.6 x 8.27 x 1.57 inches
Product weight: 0.740 kg
Package weight: 1.185 kg
Package Contents Tablet PC: 1
USB Cable: 1
English Manual : 1

From the product packaging point of view, iwork1X still continues a strong cool than style, host and keyboard independent packaging, in fact, is an independent sales, 1099 yuan iwork1X host price alone to buy supporting CDK08 keyboard will need 299 yuan.

May be affected by the impact of Apple products, CUBE than the opening of the new color, that is, deep-gray color. Not only iwork1X host with a deep gray space, even the matching CDK08 keyboard is this color, the visual impression gives a very formal, very business.

Workmanship before the flagship model i9 is cooler than a big step forward, but this time iwork1X is cooler than for a big step forward. Perhaps the shell coating process improvements, perhaps caused by the new color illusion, perhaps both. In short iWork1X you can find different than the past, all the Tablet PC products that the beauty of technology.

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Repeatedly knocking iwork1X shell, but still can not distinguish whether the material through the sound of plastic or metal, the echo between the plastic and metal materials, but the material in the current digital products is not as important as in the past, Materials, technology is more important, and many of the high-end digital products are also made of plastic material, feel the main aspects of the production process.

Hardware with iwork1X Intel 14nm process using Cherry Trail core Atom processor, model Z8350, clocked at 1.44GHz, this processor supports Core frequency technology, the maximum Core frequency to 1.84GHz. Z8350 intel in the Atom product line in the mid-range models are X5 series, up there X7 series, down there X3 series. Z8350 has four processing cores, the typical SDP design is only 2W, very suitable for mobile class digital products.

Z8350 integrated intel HD Graphics graphics processing unit, the basic operating frequency of 200MHz, the maximum operating frequency can reach 500MHz. The graphics processor has 12 EU units, which can support two video outputs.

On the performance of the Z8350, the CPU part of the iwork1X I feel completely enough, and the GPU part of the Well, scored for. For ordinary office use, such as sending and receiving e-mail, Office typing to do the table to change the slide, and then on the Internet entertainment and leisure, or enough. But if used to play the game, or a bit difficult, after all, only 12 graphics processing units, and as cool than the flagship flat i9, the graphics processing unit has 24, so the performance gap is quite obvious, this The performance requirements of the user, or choose cool than the i9 better.

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Of course, not to say iwork1X can not play the game, but that requires a relatively high 3D rendering of the game, it will be difficult to play some of it.

We continue to talk about hardware, iwork1X display size of 11.6 inches, resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, the screen material for the IPS, the indicators alone is still very good. The actual display can also be satisfactory, whether it is color display or screen perspective, the performance is very good. I took the i9 over a bit, really bad that one is better, the eyes of the two screen performance is matched.

However, the actual use of this screen resolution is too high, because the Windows system on the small screen high-resolution support has been not very good, you want to display clear and sharp, it must be 100% of the screen display, but so The font is smaller than the ant and looks hard on the eyes. And if the display is adjusted to 150% geometric zoom, the font is not so sharp, of course, this is the ills of the operating system, and iwork1X product itself has nothing to do, the reason to write this out, but also want to give consumers more reference .

My vision is pretty good, but is also used in 150% scaling to use, in order to protect eyesight, some waste of this full HD display.

In iwork1X there is a little very lucky, that is, the memory used 4GB, and the storage space is 64GB SSD. Remove the Windows 10 system occupancy, I installed Photoshop CS6, Office 2013, QQ, ACDSEE and other commonly used software, SSD hard disk space remaining 37GB, daily play is still enough, of course, if you want to store some movies, music , Photos, it is best to re-insert a TF card, iwork1X body with a TF card slot, TF card prices are now cheaper, storage, or no problem.

In addition iwork1X also supports HDMI output (Micro HDMI interface, accessories, no line, need to buy another, most of the price of tens of dollars), support for WiFi wireless networks and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and other functions.

General use, I use it to simulate the day-to-day office operations, as well as after-work entertainment, through the web page to open the love Fantastic Art movies, select “HD” and the following quality can be smooth playback, select 720P and above will have Caton , Of course, if you are a film control, download love Qiyi client will be able to solve this problem, after all, see the video page through Flash technology, this technology is being eliminated, the future will not have any optimization, and Flash Technology on the system resource consumption is very high, very resource-intensive. Fantastic Art is to use the website to test iwork1X hardware performance, and nothing more.

Iwork1X body weight in the hand with the i9 is pretty basic, not to mention how light, but on the bag will not have too much burden. If you have used Microsoft’s Surface, I believe this will have deep experience, want three or five grams weight of the Windows tablet, is not without, but the performance is too low, and iwork1X performance from the point of view, the weight can be considered A good compromise.

Front camera effects can cope with daily video chat
And magnetic-type keyboard through five contacts
Switch and volume control keys on Right Side
Product identification information and Logo
From left to right are the headphone port, Micro HDMI, Micro USB, USB 3.0, TF card slot

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CUBE brand identity, there is a sense of bumpy, looks very three-dimensional.
The Windows logo is a touch key that allows you to quickly open the Start menu.
Contacts that are connected to the keyboard and really i love this
Iwork1X built-in two speakers to form a stereo system. and these two are make enough sound with accurate and clear effects
Supporting the keyboard feel good, key bit area a little too small a little bit. But its feels like my HP Specter’s keybord and make a goog feeling
Keyboard to take power through the host, unlike the Bluetooth keyboard needs a separate charge.

Rubik’s cube Tablet iwork1X: My Openion

I used this iwork1X for more then a week and now i’m going to write this review, and guys i damm sure you love this tablet. at the when i start to use this i’m familear with this amezing iwork1X tablet but after using day by i falling love with this.


At this point, I basically feel part of the finished, and finally come to talk about the price iwork1X, $ 189.99 is still feeling the value of comparison, after all, its hardware performance in the Atom Tablet PC is still above the level of medium, A full HD IPS display, genuine Windows 10 home operating system, in addition to beautiful body design, these add up to the value of the fare.




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