A Billion Smiles by Billion Electric

A Taiwanese company, Billion Electric, formed by Mr. Tim Chen and Mr. Felix Cheng, is a global leader in communication market. It is a well-known brand in Australia, South Africa, SE Asia, US, UK, South America etc. They are active in the field of 4G/LTE, ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL, FFTH etc.
Its inception was in 1973 & steadily developed into a multi-million brand. Since 2004, it gained momentum as a global brand in the production of power supplies & transformers. It won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017. Billion’s BEC MX-1000 and Smart Streetlight Control and Management System received the Technology Innovation Awards in the “Broadband and Networking” category named by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA).

“Dedicated R&D teams, manufacturing plants & businesses units around the world made the Billion Electric successful “Shravani Dasari (Content Head)

Working day & night, in a small rental apartment in Hsinchu, Tim Chen & Felix Cheng created the Billion Electric. In the embryonic stages, ISDN communication products were focused.The high-quality ISDN modem products merged the gap between Windows system & ISDN products, thereby, entering European & international markets.

“Billion Electric is one of Asia’s top three ISDN modem manufacturers” Shravani Dasari (Content Head)

Their slogan is “Future is now”. Providing reliable products so that customers are satisfied & will benefit from those products so that there is continuous innovation & moving forward is the aim of the company. The products being developed at Billion give a tough competition to the other products along the same line, thanks to their uniqueness, quality & performance. R&D team has successfully created Smart City solutions including smart energy management system, smart grid, and intelligent lighting control solutions.

The Current Projects

  1. Griswold Cooperative Telephone of Iowa has been deploying BEC 7402 (Billion xDSL) series of wired and wireless triple play ADSL2+ routers. It also enabled them access to the routers remotely for troubleshooting purposes
  2. By using BEC CMS for their video and data services since 2009, Germantown Telephone of New York was able to read the connection and LAN data from the BEC 7402 (BiPAC 8521 R3) GTM units. Also, the remote firmware functionality of the BEC CMS allowed them an easy option for upgrading or changing subscriber’s service without a massive truck roll.
  3. Scatter Creek InfoNet is a local service provider serving several counties in southern Washington State. They selected BEC 7402 (BiPAC 8521 R3) routers to support their Internet services since 2007. Scatter Creek InfoNet leverages BEC CMS as the tool for monitoring and managing their subscriber’s modems and services to identify each customer’s IP address, DSL connection data, and wireless information.
  4. First International Trading is one of the largest and the oldest IT distributors in Australia/ South Australia. The Broadcom chip with triple-WAN ports for 3G/4G LTE, ADSL2+, Gigabit Ethernet WAN (EWAN) of BiPAC 7820NZ provides broadband connectivity and excellent wireless coverage for home and business users.
  5. One of the leading telecommunication company and Internet service provider in Bahrain used Billion’s BiPAC 7820NZ, embedded with Dual-SIM Slots with DSL2+ Wireless-N VPN to provide a robust solution that allows their business customers to provision back up links on a 4G (LTE) mobile network.
  6. Every transaction happening at multiple Starbucks branch stores, including customer info (credit card, cash or Easy Card) will be transmitted back to Headquarter of Starbuck Taiwan for centralized management via ADSL-MPLS with VPN.
  7. Penti and Elle are the two largest woman clothing and shoes wear brands with more than 200 chain stores in Turkey. Billion Electric provides BiPAC 7800GZ with VPN and 3G backup solution to ensure the security and the consistency of the exchange of all transaction and stocking information with the unique failover and failback functionality.
  8. Infrastructure Network wants to build secure and reliable networking solution for their mission critical infrastructures. M100 successfully booted system efficiency and minimize the occurrence of connection failures. They highly recommend BEC M100 as the reliable communication backbone for all mission-critical and M2M applications.

BiPAC 4520AZ
4G/LTE Dual-SIM Dual-Band Wireless VPN Router

A router is a device that routes data packets from source to destination. It is present at every gateway. They are used heavily in businesses and offices. A good router is a must for a smooth & a seamless flow of data.

The BiPAC 4520AZ developed by Billion Electric supports the latest generation of 4G/LTE fixed the wireless network. It provides scalable and flexible connections for various indoor applications. Embedded with 4G/LTE module and Gigabit EWAN interfaces, the BiPAC 4520AZ enables high-speed and secured internet connectivity for home, SOHO, and corporate users.

The dual-band connection speed can reach 1.2Gbps, thanks to multiple LTE frequency bands. A dual SIM card slot will ensure that there is no loss of connectivity. Automatic Failover/Failback functionality between 4G/LTE and EWAN ensure a seamless internet connection. When the main WAN interface fails, the secondary WAN interface will automatically back up the connection to ensure an always-on connectivity. It also supports robust VPN protocols such as IPSec, OpenVPN, GRE, PPTP, L2TP. These allow users to establish private & encrypted data transmission.


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