Rokid Me smart speaker Review: should you buy it?

In the AI battlefield of the big waves, the smart speakers are a piece of fat that is closely watched by various manufacturers. The hardware threshold is low, the return is very rich, and the benefits are quick, so we can see a variety of smart speakers on the market. These smart speakers are mixed and crowded. Although they can understand people’s words, “intelligence” is high or low, although they can play sound, the sound quality is good or bad, although some are cheap and horrible, the experience is very different.

Today we are going to experience a smart speaker called Rokid Me, to see if it is a full-fledged, or professional specialization?

First, the design

Rokid Me, the Chinese name is “Ruqi Qi”, is a new portable intelligent speaker specially designed for young people by Hangzhou Lingsong Technology. From the appearance of this stereo, it jumps out of the black and white circle of smart speakers. Rokid Me has four vibrant colors, purple, blue, pink and silver, each of which is very suitable for young people’s aesthetics.

The material of this smart speaker is a combination of knitted mesh and aviation aluminum, there is a LED light ring in middle, and the grade is very strong. Although it was a mesh cloth, it was very dirty. I played it for a few days and didn’t see any smudges on it. This dispelled my initial concern.

Its overall shape looks like a burger at first glance, it is as thick as a burger. But looking carefully, it is more like an oversized macaron dessert.  Rokid Me feels good, both front and back, feels very textured, even the four button bumps on the mesh are very delicate. This speaker weighs 400g and has a nice feel in my hand. I personally like it.

In general, the design of Rokid Me is very trendy. For some men and women, the beauty of Rokid Me is a plus point. Its workmanship is also very elegant, the cost of aviation aluminum is high, but this greatly enhances the overall texture and robustness of this speaker. However, for the main portable Rokid Me, it is a pity that there is no design for a portable lanyard.

Second, the performance experience

  1. Radio effect and recognition accuracy

Rokid Me is an AI speaker, voice interaction is basic, then Rokid Me’s pickup effect and recognition accuracy is the top priority.

Regarding the sound pickup effect; Rokid Me could be three meters away, and you whisper “Ruo Qi”, and it perfectly activates the voice assistant, even if it is playing a song, it will be perfectly picked up. Five meters away from the soft voice to Rokid Me said “Ruo Qi”, the voice assistant quickly activated, even if there is a fan sound, TV sound is no problem. Ten meters away, you don’t need to mention the door to shout “Ruo Qi”, it can accurately pick up the answer, which is called powerful.

It should be noted here that Rokid Me’s voice assistant “Ruo Qi” has two wake-up words. Compared with the four-word wake-up mechanism such as “Little Love Classmate” and “Tmall Elf”, its voice ID is simpler and more recognizable. The lower the degree, the ability to have such a good pickup effect, from the side can also reflect Rokid’s technical team has a lot of thoughts.

Regarding the recognition accuracy rate; Rokid Me basically does not wake up by mistake. Communicating with it is smoother in most cases. You don’t have to speak Mandarin in a straightforward way. Feel free to do it. Occasionally, I will say something inexplicable, but the probability is extremely low, and the IQ is very high. Up to now, it has been identified that it is only two or three times. Once, the “English children’s song” is recognized as “Kindergarten Children’s Song”.

  1. Sound quality

Sound quality is the lifeblood of all speakers, whether it is a normal speaker or a smart speaker. If the sound quality is good, even if it is ugly, it can add points.

The sound quality of this speaker should be described by surprise for me. This good impression first comes from its weight. It is not unreasonable that I like heavy things. Take the speaker, if it is too light, then it may run when it is loudly played. If there is a certain amount of weight, it will be stable even with a big sound. That is the difference.

Rokid Me is small, but the volume is very strong, very stable, and has a big speaker feel. The sound is adjusted to the tenth level, and the speaker does not sway. Take it to play music and put it outdoors for no problem. For “small speakers”, this is very difficult.


The sound quality of Rokid Me is fantastic, and the bass effect is very strong. When I test Gao An’s “Flower Bridge Flowing Water”, the sound of the front part of the song is very sensational. Compared to the bass effect, the high-pitched part is relatively convergent, not so harsh, sounds very comfortable and very stable. This kind of sound quality is very suitable for playing rhythmic music. It has a strong sense of bringing in, and it is also suitable for playing audio novels, especially male voiced novels. The sound is very magnetic.

  1. Life

When it comes to battery life, this speaker comes with a 4000 mAh built-in battery. The capacity is huge for a small device. The official standby time is 12 hours. The actual measurement is not much different. Basically, like a mobile phone, a daily charge is a must. Rokid Me comes with a physical sleep switch. Turning on sleep mode can greatly increase battery life, but for those who usually only want to move their mouth, they may not be willing to press any switch except for power on.

Due to its capacity of 4000 mAh, Rokid Me is not too fast in terms of charging time. It takes more than four or five hours to be fully charged, and it takes more than two hours to shut down and charge. Not happy with this issue.

Third, the functional experience

  1. Content resources

Rokid Me is very rich in content, music, stories, children’s songs, news, comics, novels, etc., covering a wide range of people. These contents are mainly from more than a dozen platforms such as QQ Music and Himalayan, and the content is completely genuine and high quality. In addition, after registering your speaker, you will receive two years of QQ music service and one year of Himalayan service.

  1. Voice interaction function

Rokid Me’s recognition ability is very powerful, so the voice interaction experience is great. In addition to songs, weather, arithmetic, and alarm clocks, Rokid Me can also perform some higher-level conversations. For example, if I say “Ruo Qi, what should I do if my baby loves to cry?” Answer “Most of it is loaded, just play it!” I said, “Ruo Qi, you are like an ugly one.” Answer “Have you seen me so ugly? “I said, “Ruo Qi, what if the weather is too hot?” Answer “It’s hot, even my bald head feels the heat waves rolling”.

Rokid Me has its own skill store. There are a total of 221 small skills. Each one is like an app on a mobile phone, allowing for fun interaction. For example, “Immediate Sports” can accompany you to exercise, and “Daily Text” can read some inspirational articles or quotes. There are also some very cute little skills, such as “Sound Wave Repellent” can play strange sound waves, but I don’t know if it really can repel mosquitoes. In short, there are many skills and this speaker can do so much more than play music. Later, more skills will be developed, and Rokid Me will naturally become more and more powerful.

  1. Features

In addition to voice interaction, Rokid Me also has a unique gesture interaction “shake”. Shake it during standby, it will automatically play the collected songs; shake it during playback, it will cut the song according to the list, the sensitivity is good, it is also very fun.

It also supports the flip function. Flip is used to pausing songs, stop alarms, and hang up Bluetooth calls. One of my favorite things is flipping to stop the alarm. After the alarm clock sounds in the morning, you don’t have to open your mouth to turn off the alarm clock. It is completely OK to turn Rokid Me over and it is very exciting!

Another feature of Rokid Me is its portability. Unlike many smart speakers for a plug-in, Rokid Me comes with a battery, its small size can be taken anywhere, put in the car, put in the bag, put it anywhere!

Fourth, product advantages and recommendations

I have experienced Rocky Me for a few days. Let’s summarize the advantages of this speaker and I will also make some suggestions:


  • Rokid Me is uniquely packaged and worth learning in the industry. In addition to the whole pulp and environmentally friendly materials, I value the anti-counterfeiting effect. The fully-fitted packaging box can’t be restored after tearing.
  • The pickup effect is beyond imagination. The response to “Ruo Qi” in various environments is very reliable. It doesn’t matter if you are far away.
  • The sound quality is comparable to that of a large speaker. It is so powerful. The maximum volume is not broken, and it is not jittery. It is the perfect sound quality.
  • Voice interaction is fun, omnipotent, and you can do it all. I can ask almost everything, and it will answer you.
  • High value, good workmanship, good portability, perfect for both indoor and outdoor.


  • Bluetooth independence needs to be optimized. At present, when there is no network outside, Bluetooth cannot be used. It should be that Bluetooth is independent of the network mode so that it can be used as a normal Bluetooth speaker when there is no network.
  • Standby time optimization. It is better to keep the wake-up function.
  • When playing music, wake up Ruoqi’s assistant will suddenly increase the sound


When I just heard about Rokid Me, I looked for it on the Internet because it was priced at 799 yuan. From the point of view of the AI speaker market, Rokid Me is indeed a bit expensive, this is an indisputable fact. In today’s market, there are a lot of smart speakers that can be bought for only 100 yuan. Where is the competitiveness of Rokid Me? This is a place that many people don’t understand.

In my opinion, Rokid Me has several characteristics. The technology is the best, it is smart enough and it sounds very good for such a small device.

Technical strength

In terms of technical strength, Rokid Me and the small factories with mixed dragons cannot be equal. Rokid Me is an innovative vendor with core technology, which may be glimpsed from its two-syllable wake-up voice assistant. The interactive experience has been raised to an unprecedented level, but the technical investment behind it is not visible to everyone.

Intelligence aspect

Second, the intelligent aspect. The Rokid Me voice conversation is smooth and accurate, and it can do everything. Coupled with the massive network resources, Rokid Me has become a veritable, fleshy smart speaker. At the same time, it also supports the linkage control of more than 100 smart homes. It’s not just as simple as a speaker. It’s the entrance to dialogue between people and the whole family.

Sound quality

Finally, in terms of sound quality, Rokid Me has made this lifeline very good. It can’t pick up a little bit of trouble, small body, and the potential of a big speaker. Some speakers AI do a good job of interaction, but the head is ignored, the sound quality is generally like, I want to turn it off after listening to it several times, so the effort is in vain.

In general, Rokid Me is a good product that pursues the ultimate and does not fall behind. It doesn’t have a shortboard, or the shortboard is not obvious, even if you find it, it’s easy to forgive it. Because it gives people more experience from the emotional level, the spiritual level. You will sigh how its voice interaction is doing so well, and you will pay for its ease of use.



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