Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: traveling on the road with the greatest comfort

People who spend a significant amount of time driving a car have definitely faced a terrible feeling of discomfort, which was accompanied by pain in the neck, waist and spine. This is due to the body’s natural reaction to fatigue and, as a consequence, a person begins to tilt involuntarily. Solve these problems of discomfort and maintain the health of your back thanks to a pair of orthopedic pillows from Xiaomi that are called Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow, with which you will really feel comfortable.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

It is important to note that as a result of the incorrect positioning of the spine and a long stay of a single posture causes the flow of blood to the neck, back and waist deteriorates noticeably, which can cause not only pain but also cause chronic diseases of the spine. To be at home or during a bus/plane trip, Xiaomi has several rest options such as the 8H U Shaped Neck Pillow. However, when you must drive, how do you avoid bad posture? To answer this question we invite you to know these new Xiaomi pads for the car and study the possibility of acquiring them for your benefit.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Design and construction

The Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow, are orthopedic pads that will be responsible for correcting your posture during the trip. The kit includes two pillows, one for the neck and one for the back. They are made of natural materials and are equipped with removable covers, which in case of getting dirty, can be restored to their original cleaning state with a delicate washing mode.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

Get comfortable while driving with the exclusive Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow, since the pads are equipped with adjustable straps with sufficiently reliable plastic fasteners, which will allow you to choose the most optimal arrangement for this pair of cushions. The dimensions of the pillow for the neck are 23.2 x 17.5 x 9.5 cm plus 400g of weight; while the size of the back cushion is 40.5 x 33.4 x 7.6 cm and weighs 940g. Also, together they both weigh a total of 1.34kg.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

The THC3 zipper, which is not very striking and is manufactured very qualitatively, seals the product reliably. Also, the Roidmi R1 Car Headset Pillow is available in two colors: beige and blue. The high-quality materials and the use of innovative technologies have made possible the creation of these Roidmi cushions, which will guarantee comfort and good posture during driving and long working hours in the office. The American division of the well-known company BASF, which cooperates with NASA, supplies the necessary materials for the production of this ultramodern cushion.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Memory Foam

This is a special material made of a very soft polyurethane foam and has the following properties:

    • Greater flexibility, guaranteeing an adequate adaptation to the shape of the body.
    • It has an antibacterial effect.
    • It does not exert pressure on the shoulders, hips and other parts of the body, but rather, it conforms to its shape.
    • It has a very strong elastic structure that will extend the life of the product.
    • Able to absorb surface vibrations.
  • Due to the open structure of the material, the excess moisture quickly evaporates.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Taiwanese Yarn KAFETEX

The outer cover of both pillows is made of high-quality Taiwanese yarn KAFETEX in combination with the extract of the coffee grounds. The nano-powder of ground coffee residues in combination with water-absorbent polymeric compounds forms numerous cellular pore structures that absorb odors effectively and moisture. On the other hand, a large number of holes in the material promotes good air circulation and natural constituents, in addition, these materials do not cause allergic reactions when coming into contact with the skin.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Comfort at its best

With the use of a pair of orthopedic pillows that integrate the material “memory foam”, you will feel that the usual pains in the neck, back and hip joint will decrease significantly. The effect of reducing pain is explained by the ability of memory foam to respond to weight and temperature, which reduces pressure on those parts of the body that are more likely to “overload” while driving.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

The density of the internal material of each Roidmi pillow is 60D, so you will hardly feel discomfort or pressure when driving your vehicle. As for the neck cushion, it will take about 3-5 seconds to adapt to the shape of your head.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

These pads provide the correct distribution of body weight while driving. They can also be used as an orthopedic product for rehabilitation after injury or for the prevention of chronic diseases of the spine. The pillow for the neck adapts perfectly to the curves of the body, avoiding the intensive flow of pressure in the muscles and contributing to the improvement of blood flow. This is an indispensable accessory for people who are forced to spend a considerable amount of time driving a car.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

The back cushion is designed to support the lumbar spine. Thanks to a special locking strap, the individual position can be adjusted, reliably securing the product on the back of the car seat. In addition, the lumbar pad can be used in everyday life, especially if you have office work and spend a lot of time sitting.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

In addition, of the convenient characteristics that it has, the pillows also have an antibacterial effect. Due to the action of zinc ions, the effect of bacteria is very limited. Nano zinc ions have an excellent antiviral, bactericidal and antiseptic effect, providing a high range of sterility at the molecular level.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Specification Table

Brand Roidmi
Kind Car pads
Color Beige and blue
Materials Internal – Memory foam with a density of 60D
Dimensions of the neck pillow 23.2 x 17.5 x 9.5cm
Dimensions of the cushion for the column 40.5 x 33.4 x 7.6cm
Weight of the neck pillow 400g
Weight of the cushion for the column 940g
Total weight of the set 1340g
Includes Two Roidmi R1 pads: an orthopedic pillow for the neck and a cushion for the lumbar spine.

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow

Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow: Availability and price

Remember, this could be your best ally if you want to avoid the aches and pains of driving during long journeys or intense days of office work. So, in case you are interested in purchasing the Roidmi R1 Car Headrest Pillow kit, we will leave you below the direct links to the online stores of Aliexpress and Banggood to make your shopping experience easier. You can get it under a price of $23.38 (20.81) on Gearbest, $17.59 – $26.59 (€14.65 – €22.15) on Aliexpress, depending on the seller; and for a price of $38.1 8 (€31.74) at Banggood.

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