Comparison between two stickles cleaner Roidmi F8 Storm and Jimmy JV51

Roidmi F8 storm and Jimmy JV51 are the devices which are used for cleaning for easily and comfortably.   Between them, both have some advantages compares one to another. In times of cleaning a bit of large mess, Jimmy is more useful. However, cleaning the dark area Roidmi can be used as it has a LED light in front of it. Moreover, in terms of cleaning the ceiling or vent Jimmy is more comfortable to the user as its weight is light and size is also not too big. Moreover, in terms of cost, the price of Jimmy device is comparatively lower compares to roidmi.

Comparison of various features of Roidmi F8 Storm and Jimmy JV51

Ergonomics and power switch

Before developing a product it is important that the components, colors and everything related to the products, whether it follows the rule of ergonomics or not. Firstly, we may notice that the Jimmy looks like Dyson compares to roidmi. Below the motor of jimmy it has a trigger and at the dirt bin when a user needs to clean a job then the user can squeeze the trigger. In times of deep cleaning, just squeezing the trigger for the second time then the cleaning job will be completed. It is very unlike Dyson, which needs to constantly squeeze but for Jimmy, it does not need to squeeze constantly.Roidmi F8 Storm and Jimmy JV51

Comparing the dirt bin

The design of the Jimmy is that at the bottom side it has a trap door which is positioned vertically and its trigger is also positioned vertically. So, it makes easier for the user to use a trigger, its door, and button in times of cleaning. Besides, the bin of the Jimmy is also large compares to the Rodimi’s bin. For this, most of the time its bin remains empty and in times of cleaning or deep cleaning, Jimmy can do the task more quickly and more preciously.

Above the floor cleaning

A user may also need to need to clean the vent or ceilings. So, in times of doing this, a user must carry it to his or her hand and then do the task. First of all, using Jimmy in cleaning vent or ceiling is more convenient compares to roidmi.  The size of the Jimmy is not too large as well as its weight is also light so just keep it in the shoulder and clean the vent or ceiling. But if a user wants to use roidmi then the user may face some problems such as the weight which occurs a problem in wrist and shoulder.

Comparing the main cleaning heads

The cleaning heads of both Roidmi and Jimmy is almost the same as the roller of both of this device are softer. Both of the devices head scrap with a fabric which removes the floor or other parts from scratch. Besides, the head of roidmi device head has a wheel which is made of rubber which protects the surface from scratching. Though the head of the Jimmy also has rubber wheel it has also plastic two plastic wheels for which it sometimes occurs scratch to surface. Moreover, the head of the Jimmy is quite large compares to Roidmi. So, in times of cleaning the area where a large bit of mess is present Jimmy is more useful. In front of the Roidmi, there is a LED light for which it can be easier for the user to clean the dark areas. But, there is no LED light in the Jimmy.


The battery of Roidmi is non-removable which makes a problem. On the other hand, the jimmy’s battery is removable and even it can be charge detaching from the vacuum.

Bare for cleaning test

In times cleaning the area where there is a little bit of more mess, their Jimmy is more useful. Jimmy can clean every dust present in the definite area. But, in terms of Roidmi, it cannot clean the whole area properly. Moreover, it just passes the dust forward and the user needs to clean that again. And the user needs to remove the dirt from the tipper and then do the cleaning task again.Roidmi F8 Storm and Jimmy JV51

Carpet cleaning

For cleaning the carpet by jimmy device firstly the user can notice that firstly, it cleans the large bit of mess. But, still the user may notice that there is a large amount of dirt which remains with the carpet and for this; it also makes some spot on the carpet. On the other hand, the result of cleaning the carpet with the Roidmi is almost the same. However, it does not make too much spot like Jimmy and it also cleans the carpet more cleanly.


Jimmy device is also an option which is its filter. But this cannot be used for a lifetime. This can be used for a maximum of one year. After replacing it the user can work with it more conveniently.

 Mini turbo brush

Unlike Roidmi jimmy has a mini turbo brush. Usually, the user may use it for cleaning the dirt or mess but sometimes he may need to clean the pet hair. It gives a decent for cleaning of the upholstery of the fabric.


By using Roidmi, a user can work for about forty-five minutes at a time. So, the user needs to complete the whole task within the fixed time and if sometimes the user cannot do that, the user needs to wait for recharging it and do the remaining task again which may be a disgust to him. But in terms of Jimmy, a user can easily buy an extra battery can use it when the first battery becomes low. This will minimize the waste of time and can also do the work at the due time.

Noise level

With most of the electronic devices, this two also create some noises. But, a noise level of these two cleaner is in the safe range for the user and has no side effect.


Price is always an important issue before buying a product. The price of jimmy JV 51 is comparatively lower than Roidmi F8 Storm. In fact, it is almost half of the Roidmi F8 storm cleaner.

This comparison is done by a lot of folks, I took help from Tech Dim , they did really a nice job.


Roidmi F8 Storm and Jimmy JV 51 are the devices which are used for cleaning various tasks. Both of these devices are quite outstanding, the aesthetic view is nice and also functional in different cases. For cleaning the carpet Roidmi F8 storm is most suitable on the other hand for cleaning the ceiling or vent Jimmy JV 51 is more convenient. Besides, for cleaning the quite dark area Roidmi F8 storm is used as it has a LED light. Moreover, the cost of Jimmy JV 51 is pretty cheap compares to Roidmi F8 storm.



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