Buy Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35: Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 640ml Dust Box, For Just $349.99

The Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 is a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner that features a lot of innovative technologies. Having it in your home assures you of efficient and effortless cleaning.

Related imageBuy Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 For Just $349.99


Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 you’ll love, both for the design and for the many functionalities it comes equipped with. The vacuum is made from strong plastic, doesn’t wobble or jerk, and cleans efficiently. That being said, let’s find out what are its complete specs and more importantly, what are its drawbacks. Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa E35 has the classic design that usually presents the devices in this category, so we will enjoy a circular style accompanied by a black hue with slight nuances, which gives a plus in terms of hygiene since independently of the circumstances that must overcome, will always look like new.

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The vacuum is a compact size, measuring 13.9 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. I would’ve preferred a smaller height. It weighs a mere 6.6 lbs and is lightweight enough for easy storage and portability.


This Roborock Xiaowa E35 has a smart algorithm that along with a built-in camera or laser helps it build an efficient path for better navigation around the cleaning area. This function also prevents collisions with obstacles and cleans the house from 2 to 5 times faster than a robot without path planning. The Xiaowa E35 comes fitted with a HEPA E11 filtration screen. The filter is washable and can be replaced once it gets worn out. The Xiaowa E35 features a 14.4V, 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. When full, the battery will run the vacuum for 2 and a half hours before it needs to be recharged. This time is one of the longest you can get from a robotic vacuum.

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Apart from the manual control, the vacuum is built to allow you to control the robot remotely by using the Mi Home app. The app is downloadable from app stores and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It connects to the vacuum through a WiFi link to let you start, pause or even cancel the cleaning process. The various features on the app include mapping, voice, carpet recognition, cleaning history and more. Using these functionalities, you can work the vacuum remotely. Capabilities for the remote control include checking the condition of the vacuum and receiving a real-time map of the cleanup. You can also use the app to update the vacuum’s control software and introduce a smarter algorithm.

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Verdict & Buy

The Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 Robot Vacuum offers a novel way to clean your home. Featuring one of the longest operation time for a single battery charge, the vacuum allows you to clean larger areas without interruption. you can grab it now on Geekbuying For Just at $349.99 using a Coupon Code: CQJUZNVF, if you want to buy you can just click the Following Link:

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Related imageBuy Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 For Just $349.99


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