Roborock S5 MAX: Xiaomi’s robot vacuum is now official

Every year manufacturers come to the Berlin to showcase their new home products. This year Roborock is the first to present its robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock (a Subbrand of Xiaomi) unveiled a new High-end robot vacuum cleaner. And now the Roborock S5 Max is the one of best from manufacturer yet.

The smart home market is blooming and robot vacuum cleaners are the most succeeding home products. None of the person today wants to vacuum and no one likes mopping. Roborock is the company which have succeeded in building the reputation in few years. The best product which was released months ago was Roborock S6. This vacuum cleaner is top most sold product from the company.

Features of Roborock S5 Max:

The roborock offers many features in their vacuum cleaners. Like suction power, cleaning planning, and the application for route the robot will use. This new Roborock S5 Max will use the laser finder for tha mapping and analysis. For charging of the vacuum cleaner, the company provides the intuitive charging system.

The best part in the vacuum cleaner is that it calculates the area remain to clean and the area which is already cleaned.

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Roborock S5 MAX

The new Roborock S5 Max combines two functions: it’s a vacuum cleaner and mop, for which the product has a large capacity water tank. In theory, the S5 Max has enough water to clean a 65m² apartment three times or a 185m² house at once. Users can manage the amount and flow of water used to clean different types of rooms and floors. The water does not empty when the vacuum cleaner stops, so the robot can remain full and ready for when you want it

The Alexa or the Google assistant is the best product which helps to control all the home appliances. The new version of the Roborock S5 Max is compatible with the Google assistance and the Alexa. So, now you just have to order the roborock s5 max and it will start the work on the go.  “The voice-enabled S5 Max gives users a very comprehensive robotic cleaning experience, with vacuum and mop features that can be intuitively scheduled from the app, providing truly convenient and effortless home cleaning that can be done from anywhere,” said Simon Wan, co-founder and Vice President of Roborock.


The cost of the Roborock S5 MAX will be $599 when it will be on the sale. You will just have to wait for the company to provide the product for the sale.

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