Roborock P5 Stone vacuum cleaner is all set to launch and roar market

The Chinese smart robotic vacuum cleaner maker Roborock has gone a long way in the industry to serve its users with qualified home-cleaning solutions. With a blatantly massive portfolio of robotic vacuum cleaning devices, the brand has established a milestone in the domain. Now, the company is coming with the latest product, the Roborock P5 Stone vacuum cleaner, that is around the corner.

Today, we have plenty of options in respect of the home cleaning gadgets and Roborock is among the prominent contributors. Let’s have a glance at the P5 Stone robotic cleaner’s some pivotal features along with some other offerings of the past.

Roborock P5 Stone Vacuum Cleaner – Specifications

The latest & upcoming vacuum machine by Roborock looks stylish embraced with some high-tech features to grab the game. Some teaser videos have appeared online, describing the product’s main qualities to start shivering the audience.

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Xiaomi Roborock P5 Stone

Like previous developments, the brand-new Roborock P5 Stone will also feature the same circular physical contour and design. It has the SLAM plus LIDAR algorithm on top for map creation, whereas the bottom side equips rolling brushes.

Furthermore, the robotic cleaner will offer some AI specifications to automate the operations intelligently. With 1800PA suction power, the robot will handle your cleaning tasks effectively with no stains on the floor.

In terms of the power grid, the new Roborock P5 Stone cleaner is said to come with a 5200 mAh large battery with self-charging technique. Further, it can climb up to 2cm gradient and delivers mobile app support for wireless connectivity.

Previously in October 2019, Roborock launched the Roborock P5 with quite fascinating configurations. The upcoming product will update this version by adding some other innovative skills in the pack.

Well, we are still unknown to the launch date and availability of the home cleaner.



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