Roborock H6 Vacuum Cleaner Review: Another Handheld Wireless Device

House cleaning is a big scene in today’s hectic lifestyle. Smart robot vacuum cleaners are good helpers in this regard to ease out the cleaning processes. Today, we have managed to review the latest Roborock H6 Cordless vacuum cleaner to present another reliable alternative to the list. Make sure to read out the full-text piece to get a better idea of the concept.

Roborock is undoubtedly, a well-established brand in the smart robot cleaner industry. Not only the vacuum robots, but it also dominates the battery vacuum cleaner segment with an exceptional portfolio of reputed products. Further, it is a guarantor to use the advanced technology on its smart robotic technologies to obtain the best cleaning results, effortlessly.

Xiaomi Roborock h6

Being the subsidiary of the Chinese giant Xiaomi, Roborock is known to act as ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for the parent brand. Along with the initial investments by Xiaomi, Roborock is now striving to encapsulate itself as an independent firm in the respective product category.

At the recently collapsed CES 2020 event, Roborock introduced its first-ever cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, the Roborock H6. Officially, the company has been working for around 3 years on the same product. What the company brings to solve the main issues of handheld cleaners are the lightweight body and long-lasting battery life. The Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner comes with a lightweight and compact physique. Similarly, battery life also matters a lot when it comes to cleaning an average or bigger house.

Roborock h6

In an interview, Roborock’s co-founder Simon Wan said that they had invested lots of time and efforts to develop their first-ever handheld vacuum cleaner. It was the essence of 3-year hard work to empower users with the best, effective and comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Roborock H6 Review: Full Analysis of Features and Specifications

In this particular chunk, we will investigate the full features and specs of the Roborock H6 unit. If you look for a lightweight and compact body handheld vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to consider this one among others.

Roborock h6

In the package, buyers will get the vacuum cleaner itself along with the carpet brush, flex tube, baton, charging station, motorized mini brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush. Let’s go through the subsequent headings to check whether it can withstand the competition or not.

Roborock H6 Vacuum Cleaner Design and Build

As usual, let’s start examining the product’s physical appearance first. The Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner is all set to amaze you with pleasant haptics, ergonomic design and excellent build quality. The modern outlook offers a delicate personality to the unit to make you love the device at the prima facia.

Roborock h6

Furthermore, everything is processed superbly that we expect from Roborock, generally. It comes with a tiny and lightweight texture to let you apply the machine for longer. The in-hand module is designed for a convenient holding along with the display embedment on top. The dust chamber has the storage capacity of 0.4L to perform the whole duty in one go. As per the colour shade, it is an astounding convergence of red and white colours to fit your home decors professionally. At the bottom, the vacuum cleaner equips a detachable floor roller. You can adjust some other accessories as per needs.

Vacuum cleaner

When it comes to measuring the Roborock H6 physically, it reads 110×21.5×11.0 cm. Whereas it weighs around 1.4KG to be light for everyone.

Roborock H6 Vacuum Cleaner Display

You may think is a vacuum cleaner really needs a display? What is wrong in welcoming an additional feature, and the Roborock H6 is probably the first one to host a display. Above the handle, the unit installs a 1.3” OLED display in a rectangular shape with rounded edges.

best handheld

How is it useful? Well, the display will show you many elements like a suction stage, battery level in both minutes and percentage, release locked/unlocked, operating mode, as well as maintenance guidance.

Roborock H6 Vacuum Cleaner Performance

When it comes to analyzing the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner on the performance dais, it looks impressive with powerful work ethics and result-driven approach. With the inbuilt 420W brushless motor, you will enjoy 140 AW of suction power to deal with your daily chores.


Furthermore, the smart cordless vacuum cleaner features the 5-layer filtration system along with the washable HEPA filter and other cyclones. It can absorb the 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns to be suitable for those with pets at home.

Best floor cleaner

The best recognition of the cordless machine is carpet identification. It gears up the suction power speed to the highest-level once sensors recognize the carpet surface. Ultimately, you will get the best cleaning results as carpets are the hardest areas to clean.

Roborock H6 Vacuum Cleaner Battery

As mentioned above, the company has managed successfully to thrive long-lasting functionality with long-lasting battery endurance of the Roborock H6. It is packed with the 3610 mAh Li-Po battery that delivers maximum airflow and filtration.

Launch Roborock h6

Time-wise, Roborock’s latest vacuum cleaner provides 3 cleaning modes. Low-Power Mode (90-minute working), Medium Power Mode (45-minute working) and High-Power Mode (10-minute working). Interestingly, it is also the only one on the market with a Li-Po battery against others with Li-Ion battery.

kuljit sandhu

Additional Features

Apart from these specs, the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner also boasts the 400 ML of dustbin capacity to store a large amount of debris. Further, the cleaning machine also keeps the working noise under control despite the heavy suction power motor. It will generate 72 dB noise at high-power mode, 67 dB at medium mode, and 63 dB on the low-power mode.

Best Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner

Additionally, the unit also supports various external attachments like a roller for floor and carpets, movable hose for complicated corners and some other equipment for specific locations.


After going through the Roborock H6 review in detail, one can grab the idea of whether it is suitable equipment to deal with daily home cleaning needs or not. Comprehensively, the cordless vacuum cleaner looks productive, spruced up with advanced technicalities and modules. The lightweight design and durable battery life convince buyers to give the nod to the product. The $449 price figure may be a pivotal concern for most of the buyers.



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