Roborock Automatic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner now for $719.73

The robotic vacuum cleaners are enriching the industry with every new invention. Correspondingly, the Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner is a 2-in-1 cleaning device. It can perform sweep and mop simultaneously and your floor will be polished with mopping pad.

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Moreover, the Roborock Automatic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner has the LDS (laser Distance Sensor) technology to scan the surrounding objects 360-degree view. The vacuum cleaner is controllable via a mobile app. You can customize your cleaning area on your phone screen.

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Furthermore, the Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner contains a 5200 mAh battery and 2000Pa suction power. It can climb up to 2 CM obstacle. Combining all, the Roborock Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-featured electronic rechargeable device for your entire home cleaning needs.


2-in-1 Functionality

The Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner provides dual-cleaning technology. It will sweep the floor first and then perform the mopping action. Therefore, the root-inspired filter will help the mopping pad to control water flow.

Intelligent Route Planning

Intelligently, the vacuum cleaner uses the LDS or Laser Distance Sensor technology to plan the route in advance. With this technology, it will scan the surroundings with 360-degree eye view to make an idea for proper cleaning functions.

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Multi-Dimensional Cleaning System

The vacuum robot will empower your home with overall cleaning with no dust left. The Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner will walk with the omnidirectional face to reach out every corner of your house.

APP Control System

The control of your Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner will be in your hand. You can order the device wirelessly using an app on your smartphone. Draw the cleaning area on the screen; it will start to follow your instructions.


To make the robot vacuum cleaner running for hours, the manufacturer has given it a 5200 mAh power Li-ion battery. On a single charge, it can clean a 250sq.m house in 2.5 hours. Furthermore, it has an automatic charging sensor which tells it to go to the charging point when the battery gets low.

Anti-Drop Stair Sensors

Also, the Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner carries 4 anti-drop stair sensors which help the vacuum cleaner to change the direction while cleaning the stairs etc.

2 CM Obstacle Climbing

The Roborock wireless Vacuum Cleaner Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner can climb the sloppy surface with up to 2 CMs.


The price of the Roborock Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner is $719.73 on Gearbest. Click to buy now:


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