(Flash Deal) Robobloq 6 in 1 Robot Kit: Education Coding Qoopers, For Just $199.99

Robobloq 6 in 1 Robot Kit is a metal building platform with extensive DIY capacity. There are growing options of parts, allowing you to go endlessly with imagination.

Buy Robobloq 6 in 1 Robot Kit: Education Coding Qoopers, For Just $199.99

A set that will capture both your focus and your imagination, this kit allows you to create six different robots with the same set of components. The foundation of each bot is the anodized aluminum frame and Qmind Plus (Mega 2560) microcontroller.

Controlled via Bluetooth, the robot can be programmed to move, play sounds, make faces, and follow your commands. The LED dot matrix allows you to create different expressions and visuals on the display to bring your bot to life.

To control it, there’s a graphical programming interface based on Scratch 3.0, which makes it easy to get going with little to no background in the field. The built-in ultrasonic sensor will automatically avoid obstacles to protect the robot from damage, too. If you want to take things a step further, you can even attach legos for added fun.

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Buy Robobloq 6 in 1 Robot Kit For Just $199.99


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