MOZA mini-s review: A Perfect Foldable Pocket Sized Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer at 69.99$ only

MOZA mini-s: 3 axis foldable stabilizer for smartphone


The MOZA Mini-s is a famous passage level handheld stabilizer. It very well may be seen from the bundle that this stabilizer is going to be utilized to hold the smartphone. The simple and elegant white box has the primary body of this stabilizer. The impact of holding the phone, the durable packaging of the box.


The inside is the folding mainframe of the Mini-S, simple tripod, storage bag, manual and two data cables. The surrounding is wrapped with black foam with shock absorption. The stabilizer is different from the ordinary self-timer. The structure is more complicated and built-in.  A motor, so generally requires a stronger outer packaging.

Type-C is the charging interface, there is no AC adapter, but the advantage of the universal interface is that it can be plugged into the USB interface of any home, and the other side of the MicroUSB interface is a 3.5mm audio interface, which is inserted in the mobile phone.  Wired connection can be implemented on the headphone jack.


It can be used as a simple bracket for the SLR camera. The main function is to allow the stabilizer to be placed on the ground smoothly.

The size of the Mini-S is slightly smaller than that of a normal selfie stick. The hand-held part is thicker. The three rotating shafts can be folded and placed in the attached storage bag, which is suitable for shooting low-angle video on the ground.

since, the inner features a bound power-on structure, the folding portion has a shackle lock and is fixed, and when set in a non-use state, it causes a security hazard. At the point when the shackle lock is opened, the self-clock switch can be turned upward by 180° to hold the phone.

Holding the stabilizer on the front, the thumb part can be clicked by one hand, the joystick, the operation button, the red power button, the charging interface below, the battery indicator under the operation button, blue when charging and controlling on, automatic disconnection when completely energized Electricity.

The rocker is a multi-directional structure, which can control the upwards and downwards rotation of the smartphone and the left and right development. The camera of the stabilizer is essentially based on smartphone camera. In this manner, it is important to change the heading of the camera to alter the screen perception impact.

However, many flagship phones have canceled the 3.5mm interface, so the Bluetooth connection is the main connection method of this stabilizer, and it is used in the mobile phone.  The stabilizer can also be used normally when taking pictures, without having to entangle the function limit of the claw app.

In the manual, there is a download address for the app’s magic claw wizard. To use the app to download the latest app, the app has many built-in functions. You can use the Bluetooth or wired connection app to implement the built-in functions of the operative buttons.

The APP has a built-in professional mode, which can set the camera’s shutter, IOS, focus mode, exposure compensation, white balance and other advanced parameter settings. The APP supports 4K level recording function, and can experience time-lapse photography, target tracking, zooming and continuous  Rotating the dream space mode.


In terms of battery life, the stabilizer is a large power consumer. The three-axis motor always uses the battery to heat up. The charging time is about 3 hours.

Overall, this stabilizer lasts for a long time, Although the entry-level stabilizer is not expensive, the effect is good, and the handheld stabilizer price is generally not too high, can play better than the mobile phone, and the anti-shake effect brought by the three-axis stabilizer is very obvious, can play a better shooting effect in the process of professional family, travel, parent-child shooting, can be used in the short video app such as short video, youtube, micro-vision, etc.

If you really want to shoot better video by phone then This stabilizer can give you better results.

The price of this stabilizer is 69.99$



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