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How to speed up Xiaomi smartphone and fix its software problem

Although the technology used to manufacture a Xiaomi smartphone is so advanced, we still cannot escape from multiple failures or software errors that may present our device. And that is why, regardless if they are of the latest generation or if they have some time in the market, at some point, the mobile could suffer issues like reboot loop, will not turn on, frozen, black/blank screen, etc. At first, you could take it to a technician, but if this is not an option, we recommend ReiBoot for Android.

Reiboot test in a Xiaomi Smartphone

What is ReiBoot?

ReiBoot for Android is a program created by Tenorshare. It is a professional assistant to enter/exit Android recovery mode in a simple, safe and fast way. It also can be used to erase the cache of the device with only 1 click. So, in theory, all the problems mentioned above can be fixed more easily than doing it manually in the old way.

ReiBoot promises that you must not manually press any button, and it will also explain how to exit Android recovery mode safely.

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone?

In order to really know how it works and if it truly complies with what it promises, it is necessary to test ReiBoot.

Of course, the first thing is to download the software in the computer. Here we leave you the direct link if you want to try: Download ReiBoot for Android. Then proceed to install it as you would with any other Windows program, accepting the requirements and choosing the destination folder.

The application opens automatically if you allow it and indicates you to connect your device. This one will be also recognized automatically by the software.

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone

Once the device is connected, it is only a matter of following the steps that you can find in this guide. It is explained in a concise and easy way. In our case, the test device has Android 4.4. So, we did the steps in the third column.

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone

When it was necessary to activate USB debugging on the device, the screen changed showing the following instruction:

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone

Finally, we access the window where we have the options to enter or exit the recovery mode of our phone and clean the system cache.

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone

When selecting the first option, the smartphone quickly enters the recovery mode, giving us the option to do the reboot easily. Then you also can easily quit with the Exit Recovery Mode option. But if we choose the last option to clean the device’s cache, it will change to a window where it tells us not to disconnect the phone while it is being cleaned.

Did ReiBoot really speed up and fix software problems?

As you could notice, the test smartphone had an old Android version. But with a single click, we were able to delete all the temporary files, register and bits saved from several APPs of the test device. So, we were able to free up space and eliminate potential packages conflicts that may be responsible for slowing down the smartphone.

For smartphones like ours that are operational, the software can solve several problems in different circumstances. But no solution can be given in those devices damaged by malware, and it’s not possible to recover lost passwords.

If you are simply locked in recovery mode, ReiBoot will solve this problem. But in other more extreme cases, it is better to consider using other Android repair software.

How does ReiBoot work in a Xiaomi smartphone

Does it accelerate the performance of the terminal? This is a bit subjective because we could say yes and it is true, or we could say yes and it is false. We say it because before the test the device did not present any failure that we could notice. So, in theory, it works the same as always, but there could be some optimization that we did not notice during the tests.

In our opinion, it is necessary to test it in several devices to then make a comparison of performance before and after the use of the ReiBoot.

Our Verdict

Many will think that these type of applications are not really necessary because doing the reboot of a Xiaomi smartphone is not so complicated. However, you are wrong. If you want to do it, it is always necessary to take some factors into consideration, such as the model of the device or the key combination to enter into the recovery mode correctly. Therefore, if you do not have enough knowledge, in the worst case, you could lose the phone.

So, if you do not know how to do it correctly because you are a beginner, here is an easy option, which will solve a few of your problems and also be quick. And in case you know how to enter in the recovery mode of your device, we assure you that the ReiBoot is faster than you imagine, making your life easier.

In summary, after the tests, could we say that we recommend it? Yes, and not only for Xiaomi smartphones, but for any kind of smartphone based on Android. You may read the instructions carefully the first time, but in a few minutes, you get into it. Also, it may not solve all the problems but the good news is that it works with more than 2000 Android devices and, as we said earlier, it is technology that will make your life easier. So, why not try it if you can?

Download ReiBoot for Android

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