Original Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker Now avaialble for $30.29

Besides the ability to play music, this speaker can also tell stories, read newspapers with just a few simple sentences. It sounds hard to believe, but Redmi XiaoAI Smart Bluetooth Speaker can do it.

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Detailed specifications

  • Dimensions: 142 x 70 x 82mm
  • Weight: 464g
  • Colors: pink, white, green, blue
  • Speaker range: 1.75inch
  • WiFi connection: 2.4GHz, support IEEE 802.11 b / g / n protocol
  • Bluetooth connection: 4.2, support A2DP music playback
  • Supported versions: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above
  • Power supply: DC 12V / 1A

Salient features of Redmi XiaoAI Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Bluetooth is a smart speaker. Besides the ability to play great music, the speaker can also control the devices in the smart home system by voice. Supports reading, listening to FM, support children learning …

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Compact design, many colors

Redmi XiaoAI Speaker smart speaker possesses a compact size of only 142 x 70 x 82mm and lightweight 464g. This allows users to easily arrange products everywhere in the house without fear of occupying much space. Besides, the speaker supports multiple color versions, including white, green, blue, and pink, for you to choose freely to decorate the home interior.

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Ability to play true music

Redmi XiaoAI speakers are equipped with a high-quality 1.75inch speaker range and self-developed CrystalWave audio technology, for a full and sophisticated sound. Besides, the U-shaped speaker tube design improves the low-frequency effect by up to 30%, for a better bass experience. The volume of the 350cc speaker chamber unleashes its full potential, giving you excellent listening experience.

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Remote control by voice

Redmi Bluetooth speaker is equipped with artificial intelligence AI and microphone quality, excellent noise reduction, the ability to perceive the true voice in the noise environment, which helps control operations more accurately. In addition, the smart speaker Redmi XiaoAI also can link with many smart home products to help you turn on the TV and play your favorite programs, control the cleaning robot, turn on and off the light devices.

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Support music store, story and help children learn

In addition to the above great features, Redmi Xiaomi Speaker also links to the music store, syncing your favorite songs in your account. Bluetooth speakers also support the warehouse of up to 100 million audiobooks. Besides, the speaker also supports children to learn by children’s songs, telling stories, poems, knowledge questions, idioms, guessing sounds of animals and puzzles … helping children master knowledge.

Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker

Where to buy Xiaomi Redmi XiaoAI Bluetooth Speaker?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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