The Redmi X would have a fingerprint scanner on the screen

Xiaomi is a company that has stood out enormously for the great variety of smartphones they have to offer and due to the high quality they have. This is achieved in different series, each with their specific objective. In this order of ideas, one of the most important is Redmi, which recently decided to become an independent brand and apart from this, they also decided to launch their first mobile. Just a few weeks after the launch of their first device, the brand seems to be working on another phone other than the future Redmi Go, which has been speculated to be called Redmi X.

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New poster of the Redmi X

All this information are simple rumors that have started to haunt the internet after a poster that had the Redmi X name. This poster was seen for the first time in the Chinese social network Weibo, and according to the information that it could be taken out of it, it is said that this device will have a fingerprint scanner on its screen. In addition to this, there was also a small indication that the mobile will officially debut on February 15, this is very interesting because it is the last day of the spring festival in China.

Redmi X Poster

Despite not being a particularly new feature in the Smartphone’s Market, the fact that this device could have a fingerprint scanner on the screen is something impressive, this because this brand has always been In charge of the low price phones. However, no details of this mobile have been revealed, so we can not say for sure whether this device will continue with this mobile line of good price. Although the biggest probability is that this smartphone is called Redmi X, there are other people who say that this device will actually be the Redmi Note 7 Pro.


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