The Redmi Note 7 exceeds one million units sold in less than a month

For this appointment we return with our favorite Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, who recently announced that Redmi would work independently in the mid-range Smartphones market, this being the brand’s response to counteract the boom of Huawei’s Honor series and as result, we have 2 great exponents, the Redmi Go and the Redmi Note 7, the first of these is a very economical device, so it will be affordable for all users, while the second, it goes up a little bit more and brings with it an average performance of an average range, although its characteristics have excelled in an exceptional way, selling an incredible amount of units in less than a month. That is why we invite you to continue with us and learn about this fascinating news.

Redmi Note 7

The Redmi Note 7 sells more than 1 million units in China

To date, there have been more than 1 million devices sold only in China, which shows the incredible acceptance that this Smartphone is receiving from users. We must add that this terminal reached the market on January 15th of this year and has not yet had its international debut, so this figure will undoubtedly grow much more, being India one of the markets that most expect this excellent phone.

Redmi Note 7

Why is the Redmi Note 7 so popular?

Many users may be wondering, why is this Smartphone so popular? And the answer is simple, we have a device that combines its design and performance in a fantastic way. For starters, we not only have a terminal that looks striking to look at, but it is also super resistant, it even came to work as a board to cut food and did not receive any damage, being totally intact and secondly, it features a Snapdragon 660 CPU that is combined with a RAM of 3GB / 4GB / 6GB depending on the version and a ROM that varies from 32GB to 64GB, which can be expanded by a micro SD card of up to 256GB. With all the above mentioned, we just need to add the price and this remains in a margin of $300, so in short, it has excellent features and quality-price ratio.

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