Recover Deleted Files From Your Android & iOS Devices Easily (CODES GIVEAWAY)

Smartphones in 2017 are not just a piece of slab, today we used to store most of our data like photos, message’s, music, contacts and many other things on our smartphones because now a days smartphones have sufficient amount of storage and they are quite powerful to handle and store most of our data.

But what if you accidently deleted some of your sensitive data like photos, videos or contact. Ya I know it’s very annoying to lose your files on your device suddenly and well we all have been through this kind of situation. If you know what I mean.

But today I am going to show you an easy way to recovery 13 different types of data from your smartphones and it works with android as well as on iOS.

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Now there are time when you are scrolling through your photos or contacts and you accidently deleted some of your sensitive data and now you want them back. So don’t panic there are ways to recover data and the one that I am going to show you is one of the simplest way.

So first head over to this website and download the Phone Rescue Software, the link for that will be in the description down below, from here you can either choose to recover data from your android device or from iOS. In this tutorial I am going to use Samsung galaxy s6 which is an android device so I will be clicking on android. Now click on download now, from here you can select your device OEM and as of now it only supports some popular OEMs like Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC and Huawei more OEM support will be added soon.

For instance I am having galaxy s6, so I will select Samsung and I will be installing this on a windows PC so I will go for this but if you have a MAC Pc then you can download for that too. Once the Phone Rescue Software is download just install and open it.

Now head over to your device and enable developer’s option, for that go to the settings then about phone, now tap on build number several times to unlock the developer’s option. Once that is done go back and open the developers option and from here just enable the USB debugging and you are done.

Now connect your device to PC VIA USB cable and make sure the Phone Rescue application is running on your PC. Once you connect the device you will get pop up, just enable all the pop ups and permissions before moving forward.

Once done your device will be listed in the phone rescue application and here you will see that there are lots of different types of data that you can recover. From here select the type of data that you want to recover. In my case I am selecting photos and contacts once the selection is done click on next and this will start analysing your device for missing data.

After that you will get 2 options the first one is deep scan and the other one is quick scan. The deep scan only works when your device is rooted which gives more control in recovering your data. But if your device is not rooted then you can opt for quick scan, this will again start analysing your device and once that is done it will show you the missing data.

Now to recover these files just click on this icon at the top right corner, this will basically start recovering all your data on your pc. Once data recovery is done you can simply view your recovered file. By using this application you can recover different types of data like messages, contacts, call logs, photos, music, video etc.

Now I will be giving away 3 activation codes of phone rescue through which you can enable the full version of this application. To get the code you just have to be a subscriber and leave a comment down below.

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