Realme X2 got Avocado Green Colour Alongside a Discounted Price Tag in China

Realme X2 Avocado GreenThe Chinese smartphone maker Realme has introduced its brand-new Realme X2 handset in new colour shade, called Avocado Green. In the new colour paint, the smartphone looks stunning to add more aesthetic value in the pack.

In addition to this, the Realme X2 Avocado Green edition also brings a considerable drop in the price as well. Now, the same device will ship with the price tag of CNY 1,699 ($240. Previously, it was costing at CNY 1,899 ($270). But the new price is only available for the first few days of sale. Consequently, you will have to move swiftly to gain the price drop benefits.

Features of Realme X2 Avocado Green:

Well, the Realme X2 phone is a flagship-standard device, incorporating ultra-advanced features on the table. The new colour edition will retain the same configurations as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, 128 GB memory in internal storage and 8 GB in the RAM slot. Further, it offers a new coat of paint on the backside as well as a new default theme of the user interface.

Furthermore, a query that may hit your mind is why the company has released this new colour edition? Most probably, the reason behind it is to complement the upcoming master edition launch of the Realme X2 Pro. On the company website, the Brick Red colour edition is already available for pre-order. Likewise, its 12GB/256GB model will provide you with the CNY 100 discount to keep the final price at CNY 3,199 ($455).

As per the official details, the Realme X2 Pro is all set to hit the sales on December 12. Currently, the company is registering only deposits for the Realme X2 Pro Brick Red variant, and the final payments are expected in ten days. Therefore, it is a matter of a few days for the X2 Pro to be exposed.

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