Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods Comparison: What is the Difference Between Two Identical True Wireless Earbuds?

Over the last few years, a new market segment has appeared significantly to offer music lovers true wireless earbuds. Today, we will go through a comparative study to see the differences between Realme Buds Air vs Apple AirPods. Both the contenders are highly-appreciated on the market when it comes to the design, specs, cost and lots of other concerns.

The true wireless earbuds domain seems to corner a huge market share in the recent past. A mammoth audience shift has taken place from the wired to wireless earphones in spite of costlier price figure. 2019 has undoubtedly, seen a glut in the earbuds sphere as most of the smartphone makers have launched their TWS earbuds this year. Those who not are all set to come in the following months.

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Realme is a well-received name in the smartphone wing due to its affordable and quality products range. It too joined the faction by launching the Realme Buds Air a few days ago. It is the company’s first step in this direction. Keeping the price at a competitive figure, the company aims to target the affordable audience chunk with maximum quality service.

The Apple AirPods, on the other side, are already ruling the market with exceptional sound quality, design and lots more in the frame. It features Active Noise Cancellation, Custom HDR amplifier and multiple sensors to justify with the price tag.

Therefore, let’s kindly proceed to our central topic to compare the two fully-fledged TWS wireless earbuds side-by-side.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods: Full Specifications and Design Comparison

Design and Construction

The Realme Buds Air and Apple AirPods look identical at the first impression. Realme follows the same physical aesthetics as the AirPods, like various other earbuds makers in the industry. Both earbuds come with half-in ear design as well as a rectangular charging case.

Realme launches the earbuds in three colour variations, Black, Yellow, and White. The competitor limits the earphone to only the white colour. Furthermore, the duo provides a glossy and ergonomic design and exquisite finish externally.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods

The Realme Buds Air features arc approach and passed multiple tests. The company claims the headset to be durable as it has gone through the 10,000 times of opening and closing the charging box and 12,000 times of drop test.

On the other hand, the Apple AirPods also captures the high-grade build material to be durable and comfortable wearing. At the bottom side, it carries metal round connector and microphones on the backside.

In terms of the charging case, the Realme Buds Air contains a compact and round charging case. The opposite contender looks slightly longer and thinner relatively.

Furthermore, the Realme charging case hosts a pairing button on the front side alongside an LED light indicator. On the back, it prints some alphabets reads Designed by Realme. To charge the Realme case, you will use a USB-C port at the bottom.

The Apple AirPods, on the other side, features the pairing button on the back along with the text: Designed by Apple California.


Well, both the companies have applied the same Bluetooth 5.0 edition when it comes to the connectivity arena. Hence, users are entitled to enjoy a seamless connection and robust connection with the source.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods

The Realme and Apple earbuds install the AAC code and deep bass to ensure the quality-rich sound quality. The Realme Buds Air comes with the brand’s own R1 headphone processor chip. It works great to keep the latency at low in collaboration with the Bluetooth 5.0. Likewise, the Realme buds run the 12mm driver unit with the Dynamic Bass Boost. Two microphones help in achieving the Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC).

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods Sound Quality

The Apple AirPods uses the new H1 audio chip for the immersive sound experience. Further, it also allows the users to enjoy hands-free access to Siri via words of mouth. The sound quality is even better when it plays on the iOS device. The sonic signature suits most of the genres and produces clean and sharp audio output.

Battery Performance

Battery life matters a lot in both cases, and the manufacturers have tried to woo the maximum audience via exceptional battery life on earbuds. No doubt, it will be the major decider when it comes to choosing any one of them.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods

The Realme Buds Air earbuds alone can serve you with up to 3 hours of continuous music time per charge. Including the charge of the charging case, you will enjoy 14 hours more music time on a single charge. For charging, the company offers a USB Type-C point along with the wireless charging. It further supports the Qi wireless charging technique so that it can be charged using any Qi-compatible charger.

On the contrary, the Apple AirPods offers a similar battery backup as the previous editions. On a single charge, it ensures up to 5 hours of music playback time. Additionally, the charging case is capable of charging the earbuds a little over 5 times.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods

Hence, it takes around 30 hours before you go to charge the Apple charging case. Notably, the battery runs out faster on phone calls. With Apple AirPods, you can use either a standard charging case or a wireless charging case. Like the opposite participant, it can also be charged using any Qi-enabled charger.

It takes around 30 minutes to make the battery level from 21% to 40% using a 10W wireless charger. Therefore, it depicts clearly that it is quite slow. Excitingly, you can also charge the device via a smartphone with reverse charging, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Wrapping up the Apple AirPods vs Realme Buds Air comparison, both earbuds are strong enough to compete with each other at each front. Though Realme Buds Air copies the whole stature of the competitor but lacks behind in providing the same sound quality and other specifications. While deciding upon the suitable one, price figure will also play a vital role in the final decision.

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