Ray Dalio says during the Web Summit that politics has more and more effects on the markets

Issues as controversial as the economic and political tend to collide many times and are the subject of speculation and constantly change, what happens is that the changes that affect one, also affect the other. At least this is what the Bridgewater Associates’s founder (the world’s largest hedge fund), Ray Dalio, says. “We are now in a world where politics have a much greater effect on the markets”. These statements were offered during the Web Summit that is currently taking place in Lisbon.

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Declarations gave in the Web Summit

When we refer to Ray Dalio we must know that he is one of the most important billionaire investors of all and that he has a close relationship with politics, not only in the USA but around the world equally. During a conversation offered at the Web Summit, he made a great reference to politics, and how it will increasingly affect international markets for some countries such as the United States and China. Ray Dalio stated that “populism is a phenomenon not only in the United States but throughout the world. The question is whether the next recession will occur before the next presidential election in two years”. With this, he referred to the pre-election held in the USA.

Web Summit Ray Dalio

Something interesting that he also told the audience that was present at the Web Summit on Wednesday, was that “When we look at the world, there is a risk of a slowdown due to an adjustment of monetary policy.” It should be noted that this is not the first time that Ray Dalio offers statements regarding this issue, he was previously interviewed by CNBC, in which he said that the United States is in an economic cycle that may have consequences in its federal reserves. Returning to the Web Summit, he concluded by stating that “tensions between the United States and China also threaten the economic outlook, and it is important that investors maintain a diversified portfolio. In general, the most important thing is to know how to balance your portfolio or your exposures. “

CNBC Ray Dalio

More than politics – Mechanisms of growth

Ray Dalio was also involved in two speeches at the Web Summit. The first was an explanation of how absolute transparency in the management of business represents a fundamental pillar in its development when facing different opinions that can be constantly debated until reaching a common goal. The second presentation a little later that day, was a set of tips related to the personal management of finances and investments. In this context, he gave his statements about the changing world market and its close relationship with politics.

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