Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mopping Machine For Only $139.99

Who says that you have to stoop arduously and sweat profusely while mopping the floor? From now, leave this tough job to the mopping machine and all you have to do is walk into the room and the electric mop makes your floor clean and dirt free. I’m talking about the Xiaomi handheld electric mop which is selling for $191.40. This mopping machine adopts a patented design and it has no redundant power consumption during operation which ensures greatly reduces the vibration and noise to very low levels of about 68dB. Note that coupon codes are quite fragile which means that they expire quickly thus it is best for you to use them as soon as you find it.

Xiaomi Handheld electric mopping machine

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This Xiaomi handheld electric mop featuring a high-frequency motor, and long grip handle, can tackle specks of dirt and stains completely and effortlessly. This LED light from the mopping machine can illuminate small dirt and stains on the floor, and the sprayer can spray the fanned mist to wet the floor. The mop removes ultra-fine dust particles and stubborn stains from floor surface through reciprocating sliding cleaning, and the compact right-angle design fits the corner streamline in your room. The mopping frequency is up to 1000 times/min and the powerful motor delivers high-efficiency and thorough cleaning. The long grip with flexible rotary handle enables you to always stay upright without a stoop.

Xiaomi Handheld electric mopping machine

The Xiaomi handheld electric mop is designed with a high-quality mopping pad which can tackle all kinds of stains without shedding or damaging. This mopping machine comes with three types of mopping pads in order to meet up user preference

  • Normal durable mopping pad: Its spiral hard fiber can clean the dirt effectively and the soft fiber will absorb the water. The two kinds of fibers are in opposite arrangement and together, they tackle the stubborn stains easily
  • Durable terry mopping pad: With terry edge, it can absorb hairs by electrostatic principle
  • Disposable environmentally friendly mopping pad: Adopting the degradable material, it features the great cleaning capacity without pollution

The mopping machine is powered by a 2000mAh built-in Li-ion battery which ensures 50min cordless continuous usage time.

Xiaomi Handheld electric mopping machine

Where to buy the Xiaomi handheld electric mop

The Xiaomi handheld electric mopping machine is currently on sale on Gearbest for $139.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product can be brought to you for FREE.

Instructions for Use:

On / Off

To put on the mopping machine, press the handle backward until it is released with a sound, and the lamp and power indicator lights up to the standby state.To turn off, push the handle straightforward and the whole machine is turned off. Please note that after two minutes of inactivity, the robot automatically enters a dormant state and the charge indicator light begins to flash.

Start-Up / Water Spray

The Xiaomi handheld electric mop adopts wireless control to start up and spray water. In the standby state, press the switch button on the handle and the mop starts working with the mopping pad moving back and forth. Press the switch button once again and the robot will stop operation. To spray water, press the water jet button and the nozzle will spray and stop spraying by simply releasing the water-jet button. Spray distance does not exceed 10cm so that you don’t accidentally splash water on your furniture and the longest water spray time at a single operation is 5 seconds.

Water Supply

Lift up the water supply lid, and add pure water to the water tank with the measuring cup. When the water level reaches the MAX scale, stop water supply and close the lid. The maximum capacity of the water tank is 230ml. Please make sure that the filling water is clean and free of impurities, or it may clog the nozzle or damage the water pump.

Xiaomi Handheld electric mopping machine

Power LED Indicator

Three LED lights respectively indicate 100 percent, 65 percent and 30 percent of the power. When three lights are flashing at the same time, it means the power is about to run out, please charge it in time.
– 3 LED indicators lights-up with 100 percent full power
– 2 LED indicators lights-up with 65 percent of power
– 1 LED indicator lights-up with 30 percent of power
– 3 LED indicators flashing with low battery

First Charge

Pull out the rubber cover until the charge port is fully exposed to fit in the power adapter. Please use the original Xiaomi adapter for the safety of you and the robot.

Mopping Cloth Replacement

To replace the mopping cloth, simply step on the pedal edge of the mopping pad, and pull out mopping cloth for replacement.



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