Qualcomm wants Snapdragon to be the Brain of Drone

Drone, is more than a simple toy. A device that can reach most of the places where a human cannot. A moving camera for the photographers. On the other side, is Qualcomm; a SoC manufacturing company. The same company, whose chips are incorporated in famous brands including Samsung, Sony, LG etc. After rocking the phones with the world’s top chips, Qualcomm next target becomes drones.

Qualcomm, according to their research in robotics, are showing some interest integrating a Snapdragon (probably 801 series) chip inside drones.



What’s the advantage/aim of using Qualcomm SoC in drones?

According to the chip makers, the aim of Qualcomm is fourfold:

• To increase the flight range: As wavelength emitting from the chip will be more as compare to the other chips. The controller will easily be able to catch that signal of a specific frequency and a long wavelength. Thus, there will be an unbelievable increase in the drone’s operating range.

• To improve the configuration: Snapdragon SoCs comes with the latest configuration. The drones which are in the present consist of a single Full-HD camera. In the future, when a drone will integrate a Qualcomm chip, the drones will have dual cameras compatible with 4K video recording. Moreover, device handling and real-time control and response will also improve. Qualcomm says”

It features advanced processing power, real-time flight control on Hexagon DSP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and automotive-grade GPS, all packed into a board (58 x 40 mm) half the size of a credit card.

• To increase the flight time: As we already know that most of snapdragon chips are said to be energy efficient. When a drone incorporates a snapdragon SoC, the duration of the flight will automatically increase. Qualcomm’s Raj Talluri told The Verge October:

And we think we can extend the battery life from 20 minutes to 45 to 60 minutes. That will open them up to a much             broader audience and a whole new range of applications.

• To provide drones, half the price: This is the sole purpose for the Qualcomm in drone making. Snapdragon SoC is already famous for providing the best price/performance ratio in phones. Well, same will be the case for drones. In the words of company:

“We believe that, with this chip, we can cut the price of the average 4K camera drone from $1,200 down to $300 or $400”

What a Snapdragon Drone will feature?

A new feature will be introduced in the drones. That feature will be a autonomous navigation mode. This means that after your work is finished, you can push a button. Pushing that button will allow the drone to return back to it’s launch pad, avoiding any obstacle in the path.


The platform will also offer advance features like an optical flow camera, obstacle mapping, visual inertial odometer and motion planning. This time a 4K recording and quick charge will be on the board. The drone will comprise of a Quad-Core processor having a frequency of 2.26 GHz and Adreno 330 GPU. It is expected to arrive early this year on Yuneec’s drones first.

Qualcomm Drone

The world continues to progress and improve drones . And 2016 may seems to be the year of it’s final takeoff. Stay connected to us, as we will bring all the latest updates on Qualcomm drones to our readers.



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